Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple Pleasure and Thankfulness 4/14/11

Hello friends… this time of year there are so many little things on my list to be thankful for and so many little pleasures in life.  But the one I chose for today is. Old friendships.

“A friend is a gift you give yourself.”

You see this week, I met up with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in over 15 years. Oh we have been talking about getting together for the last 3 years…yep, that’s right.  Due to schedules and life, it just never happened.  At the moment we live about 1 hour apart so we decided to meet half way in the middle.  Oh and am I glad we did. We had the best time.

It’s like we have never been apart.  We picked right up where we left off.  However, after 15+ years you know there is a lot of “catching up” to do, talking about our children….where they are all at now and what they are doing.  Plus I had one that is married, which we had to discuss. 


We became friends years ago when I was living in Germany.  We had moved there when my ex was in the Navy, and she was there due to her hubby’s job. We met on the ball field.  Our sons played baseball together and we became fast friends.  Being a veteran of living overseas, and she was a “newbie”, I enjoyed helping her along. 

Eventually we were in Sunday school, church, bible study together. She had such a magnetic personality, and people loved her. She was a wonderful dear Christian woman who loved the Lord and aspired to “serve him”.  I really miss those days of growth in our Christian walks.  

We were together quite often..  whether at a church function or ballgame or just dinner.  We shared, cared, wiped tears, laughed, the list goes on.  However, once returning back to the states in ‘93 we got together and that was the last time I saw her….albeit we sent the Christmas cards.  So seeing her still looking as young as ever was such a treat.
She and I both are now in new marriages. What is it about men deciding after 20+ years, you aren’t worth the effort to make it work?  Oh that’s another post I am sure…. anyway, we caught up on our new marriages. Mine of 3 years and hers of just 6 months. 

And we decided we would get together again soon so that our new hubby’s can meet.  Plus she and I plan to make this a once a month gift we give ourselves.  I am already looking forward to the next luncheon.


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Angel said...

Sounds like a wonderful reunion! What a blessing - renewing an old friendship. :)

Patty@sewingseeds said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I switched servers a few months back and I know how difficult the decision to leave the old and begin anew can be. Especially when you've developed ties at the old one. Your new blog looks beautiful and I look forward to getting to know you here. I am your newest follower...btw - I am blessed with a few of those old friendships as well and I treasure them.

Renee Ann said...

Thank God for loyal friends! They're special blessings in this life for sure!

Stefanie Brown said...

I enjoy re-kindling friendships, especially the ones that allow you to pick up where you left off. Yes, there is a lot to catch up on, but you don't have to be "re-introduced" to each other.
Although I am living in Dallas now, I was born and raised in KY. Great to connect with you!
Have a blessed weekend.

Visiting from TT

hip-chick said...

I spent my weekend with old friends also. We had so much fun.

LaughingLady said...

I love those kinds of friendships ~ the ones that don't seem affected by time and distance. What a beautiful thing to have in one's life! Definitely something to be thankful for!!

Kerrie said...

Dear Cindy

I was visiting earlier over at Sarah's blogspot and I was truly inspired by your comment!

Today I am thankful for health and new friends :)

With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

Redeemed1 said...

Old friendships are such a blessing. Thank you for sharing this.

Jen said...

Old friends are quite amazing. I am so grateful for how God makes up for the difference, had we been able to see them everyday. What fun for you!

the domestic fringe said...

It's great to be reunited to old friends! You've much to be thankful for today. This is my first time here and I want to say that I LOVE your blog. Those pictures of your house in your header are gorgeous! It's so pretty, I just want to stay. :-)


Dayle said...

Rekindling old friendships ... the notion makes me smile. May you share many more years together.

As for that other thing ... men leaving after 20+ years of marriage. It really gets my dander up. I have two sisters who have lived through it. God was there to help them pick up the pieces. One has been remarried 11 years; the other one happily single.

Carol said...

Wonderful to have gotten together with an old friend again...and to plan to do it regularly. A blessing for both of you!

Debbie said...

This is a wonderful one. I have two specific dear friends whom I've lost touch with over the years. I keep thinking of how wonderful it would be to reconnect with them.

I agree that old friendships rekindled make a very wonderful simple pleasure.

Joan said...

Cindy - this is a wonderful post. A true blessing.

Mrs. M. said...

What a blessing it must have been to see each other again :-)

Mrs. M.

Ms.Daisy said...

I have a dear, old friend who lives about an hour from me but because of this and that we haven't been able to get together either. I am so glad you were reunited with your friend.


Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

How lovely for you both!!
A good friend is a true gift from God :-)
bless you..Trish

stephanie said...

It's like that old saying, you know they are a true friend if you can go days, months, even years without talking, but pick right back up like nothings ever changed. Friends can be separated by distance but never by heart <3 Glad you got the chance to re-kindle :)