Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday-August 19

emo_flowers1_thankfulThursday On Thursday’s I like to do several meme’s, Simple Pleasures at “ A Collection of This and That” and  “Thankful Thursday”. I posted my Simple Pleasure a bit earlier (see post below), so now I will focus on my Thankful Thursday.

You know there are many things to be thankful for each given day if only we look for them, and sometimes we don’t have look very far.  This week, I have been pondering God’s amazing love for us.  It is beyond jesus on the crossanything I can ever articulate or fathom.  But it leads me to the thing that I am grateful for today and that is the  gift of eternal life.  Thank you sweet  Jesus for loving me so much that you went to the cross to die for me and my sins.  It’s simply amazing to know that I am loved that much.

Jesus Paid My Debt

Jesus paid a debt I owed
A debt I could not pay
It was only by his merciful grace
that for me there was a way

I was born a sinner
inherited from Adam and Eve
The only way to have my debt paid was
to believe on Jesus and him receive

He came to pay for our sins
at such an awful cost
They put a crown of thorns on his head
and nailed him to the cross

When he was dying in agony
people watched him and did stare
Some said "He saved others
why don't He just come down from there"

But Jesus had to stay upon
the cruel cross you see
For he was hanging there
suffering for you and me

He had to stay on the cross
for our sins to pay
Then he cried "It is finished"
the debt paid in full that day

Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Cindy Wyatt

Please visit Women Taking a Stand for more lists of gratitude, and join us.

1 John 5:12“He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.”

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Denise said...

Such a fantastic thankful post, be blessed.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

What a special post!! Thank you for such a powerful message!!

Joshlin said...

Beautiful! This is a great and moving post! Thank you!

Chatty Crone said...

Well I know this was not a simple gift - but I am so thankful for it.

shopannies said...

Amen!!! What an inspiring post. You are so right we have so much to be thankful for especcialy when we can count on our Lord to be there through it all and the price that he paid can never be repaid no matter what we do. Thank you for sharing this amazing post

dee dee said...

God is good... thank you Jesus for paying my debt.
God bless,,, Dee Dee

josh healy said...

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Serendipity said...

What a great post! Many blessings to you!