Monday, November 24, 2008

It's done!

Hi ya'll!  So glad you got a chance to swing by and visit with me for a few minutes this morning.  I can't believe another weekend has come and gone and we are into a new week.  I had a very productive weekend though, and for that I feel such a sense of relief.  I actually had some time to spend in my bible study and bible reading.  What a treat. 

Anyhow, I got my house decorated for Christmas and I am so happy.  I normally don't decorate until the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but since we are going to be in Kentucky for the Thanksgiving holiday, and will not have alot of time when I get home I thought it best to go ahead and put it up.  Whew it was a two day job, and believe me when I say every muscle in my body aches.  Up and down steps, squatings, lifting, etc. about did this old body in. So now my focus will be on buying and wrapping presents when I get back.  I have only bought a few little gifts. But I do have my list made of ideas. That will be a big help for me.

I am going to try to take some pictures of the house, but not sure if I will get it done before I leave for Kentucky.  If I don't then will try to get some up for you to see when I get back home.

K...just wanted to give you a update as to what I am up too.  I hope you all are having a great week.  What kind of Thanksgiving plans do you have.



Robyn said...

Wow, I'm not even ready for Thanksgiving let alone Christmas. I feel like such a Scrooge! Have a great time in Kentucky.

Darylynn said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for visiting! Thanksgiving in Kentucky sounds charming... and like a name of a movie? Or is it Christmas in Kentucky? Enjoy!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh Cindy how I can relate! The legs, back, feet, even my fingers ache from doing teh same things! LOL
Can't wait to see the pictures of your decorating..
I love your Blog.