Monday, May 9, 2011

Multitudes on Monday 5/9/11

appy Monday ya’ll.

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and a very happy Mother’s Day.  I know that I did.  Saturday was spent catching up on things around here and spending time with my hubby.  We took a long nice walk and even though it was for exercise, I always enjoy that time spent with him.  Saturday kinda flew by in a blur.  On Sunday we headed into church for early service.  I enjoyed the message so much, as our pastor spoke about Mary.  Jesus’  mother, and how she was always in the background of Jesus’ life and HIS ministry and the support she must’ve been for him, just knowing mom was there. 

I try to imagine how Mary must have felt having Jesus as her son.  For me, I know I would have been prideful, even though pride is sin, I wouldn’t be able to contain myself, because I am proud of my own children.  How much more so to be proud of Jesus. 

My children took me to dinner last night, for me, spending time with these young adults is such a blessing and a treat.  I really do cherish the time spent with them, makes me yearn for the days when they were home.  Brings forth lots of heartwarming and enduring thoughts of years past.  Time certainly flies and our children grow up so fast. 

Old adages I have heard all my life come rushing to my mind:

They aren’t this age long, enjoy them while they are at home

They’ll be gone before you know it.
Don’t rush it, enjoy them
You know where they are now
Someday you are going to miss this

digital frame
Did you hear these types of things too?  So much truth is spoken in those words, I guess that is why they are still being spoken to mother’s everywhere, everyday. 

My children gave me a gift that will help me remember all those times of their youth and I don’t think I have ever enjoyed getting a gift more than the one they gave me last night. They presented me with a digital frame.  I can’t wait to get it loaded up with pictures.  Can you guess what I will be working on today?

Let me close my this post by sharing my “One Thousand Gifts” portion.


Today I am sharing my list for “One Thousand Gifts”, it is where you come up with 1000 things that your are thankful for (gifts in your life). It is to help you better recognize just all the little blessings we have each day that we take for granted.

one-thousand-gifts_thumb3_thumb_thum Ann Voskamp has written a book called just that. She also has a lovely and well written blog “A Holy Experience” if you aren’t reading you are missing it folks. I love reading her blog, many hours have been spent hours there. And she is the most delightful person to listen too. (No, I haven’t met her personally, but I have watched via vblog her series on the book)

One Thousand Gifts

51.My children surprising me with dinner
52.Winning a giveaway
53.Watching the sun come up in the early morning
54.Listening to children's play outside my window
55.Getting all my "to-do's" done
56.sun shining through my office window
57.smells of spring a home cooked dinner for my hubby.
59.seeing him smile because he loves something I prepared for him.
60.Listening the the birds chirping and singing outside my window.

Romans 8:1-2“[Life Through the Spirit] Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.”

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