Saturday, March 29, 2008

2 weeks to go

but who is counting? I am....Feels like I will never get everything together although we have a huge amount of things done. Granted alot of things can't be done until the last minute....but still it keeps your stress level high. Anyway, I think I am okay. Today is one of those days that I need...a day at home.

Last night we went out and did a little bit more shopping and exchaging things. I had my final fitting this past week, so I should be able to go and pick the dress up early next week although I might not get it until Saturday. It should be all pressed and ready to go. Although not sure how it will fare on the airplane to Kentucky. So might have to have it repressed once I get there. Oh well. Has anyone ever taken a wedding dress on a plane or no of anyone who did? How did it go?

Decided to stay home today. Told Michael that I wanted a day to stay home and clean my house, so Tori and I have been up this morning cleaning bathrooms, picking up clutter, dusting, ect. I still need to do my floors this weekend as well as finish up laundry. I have already done three loads this morning, my bed is loaded down, it might take me forever to put it all away. Not to mention all the clothes I have to pack for our trip is on there as well. I have been up since around 4 and it is now 10:30 and I am getting sleepy, but at the same time I can't sit still. Thinking I might have to lay down and grab a nap, but I do want to get over to the tanning bed today to get a little bit more sun. I have gone a couple times already but would like to get in a couple more visits before leaving. Just would like to have a little color on my shoulders and arms for my dress.

I am planning on letting Tori do my makeup for the wedding. I love the way she does her eyes. They look so much better than how I do mine, so she practiced one night this week on me. She did a good job, but I think I will have her go a little heavier on my eye makeup than she originally did. I think she is scared to do mine. :) But I really want the eyes to stand out. This will be the first time that they haven't been hid behind glasses and so I want to enhance them. Granted I don't want to over do it though.

We got our wedding bands this week. Actually I posted a pic of Michael's earlier in the week. In case you missed it, you can see it to the left. His is two toned with silver in the middle holding the 5 diamonds. Encased in yellow gold. It looks so pretty, this picture doesn't do it justice. My wedding band is yellow gold with 4 diamonds in it. At the moment, I don't have a picture of it...but maybe I can get on or find one online to show you.

I found out Thursday at work that the folks I work for are having a potluck for me on the 8th of April. I thought that was sweet. Not necessary but sweet just the same. I only have next week of work, and then I will be there the following week only on Tuesday (8th). Monday the 7th I have to be in court again for the accident I was in last year. Trying to get out of it, because I would rather work than take a day of leave. But the attorney isn't sure she will drop the supeona. Guess we will see. Michael and I will fly out the afternoon on the thinking I will take that day off to make sure I have everything done that I need to do, plus try to rest because I know when I get to Kentucky we will be going non-stop.

I hope you are all having a great weekend. Gonna go for now, might be back later. Will try to get by and visit with you this weekend.



Lori said...

Hi Cindy!! It sounds like you are all having so much fun planning the wedding and it will be here so soon!! Have fun!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

Susan said...

Hi Cindy, I am so excited for you. Listen to your body and get some cat naps in. I think it is nice that your daughter will do your makeup. Cool about your job too. Praying it all goes off well. Hugs

Danna said...

Hi Cindy, I am very happy for you too. I understand why you feel so hurried and need days at home... and need to be on the computer. You will get back to normal again soon. I can tell you are having a great time even though you are feeling stressed. I am praying for you. Here is a big HUG.

Judy said...

Cindy - I'm traveling through blogland today, catching up with everyone. I feel so out of the loop!

I'm so happy for you! You have so many neat changes coming to your life. What a beautiful wedding dress!! Can't wait till you share pics from your wedding.

Have a blessed week! Love ya!