Thursday, September 16, 2010

Simple Pleasure- Sept 16th

rival-crock-pot Can you guess what my simple pleasure is today?  One guess….you got it.  My Crockpot, actually I have three and I love them all.  :) 

With the cooler weather upon us, I decided today to use mine, and then I got real motivated and pulled the other one out and am using it  too.  So today, I am using not one but two of them.  First one is full of a chicken and corn chowder, ummmmmm yummy, and the second is cooking up a warm apple crisp.

My Crockpot makes my life so much easier, I love the way my house smells with aromas  when dinner is  cooking. I also love the fact that I can toss everything into it and walk away and have a warm, tasty, and satisfying  meal at the end of the day without alot of effort. simple pleasure

If you would love to read some other simple pleasures, jump over to A  collection of This and That where Dayle is our gracious host.  Thank you Dayle.


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Dayle said...

I love this, Cindy! What a perfect simple pleasure, cooking in a crock pot, and so easy. I'm putting a new one on my Christmas list this year. Thanks for that reminder. ;)

Always good to see you at the party.

Adelle said...

It's not very fall-ish here yet, but I love my crockpot, too! Just a few more weeks of warm days and I'm sure we'll be pulling it out soon for roast pork...yummy!

Karen said...

Thanks for reminding me to drag mine out. I love looking around your place.
Joining you today,

Kathleen said...

Hi Cindy, Yes I'm in England, I live just on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border and we love the Dales. Bolton Abbey and Fountains Abbey are two of my favourite places. Do you know them? OK, now I'm digressing...

I love my slow cooker too, my girls call it my cauldron!

Dianne said...

I, too, love my crockpots especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I make my dressing and mashed potatoes a day early and put them on early in the day on Holidays. No mess, no fuss, just delicious yuminess--Your corn and chicken chowder sounds so, so good.

Thanks for reminding me that it's time to start using it a little more.

Christine said...

This is a great Simple Pleasure, for sure!
I love visiting everyone and seeing all their ideas.
Yea! for crock pots!

Audra said...

Fantastic! I just pulled my crock pot out today as well! I cooked a bunch of chicken breasts. I made an enchilada casserole for dinner tonight and froze the rest of the chicken for future use!

Debbie said...

Why I do not use my crockpot more often is a mystery! I love to use it. I love the smells coming from it and that "voila" feeling when a meal cooks itself.

You make me want to get mine out.

I recently even read (out know... in blogland) that you can make quick breads in them. And apple butter!

What will "they" think of next?

Crock pots are indeed a simple pleasure.

Joan said...

I'm like Debbie, I don't know why I don't use mine more often. I do tend to use it more in the fall and winter. It's nice to have a pot of soup ready when we come home from work.

Yes, crockpots are a simple pleasure.


Gayle said...

Loving this pleasure!

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Cindy,
I love my crockpot and just used it a week ago to make a ratatouille. I'd never made one before and the hardest part about it was cutting and peeling the veggies! Easy peasy in the crockpot! Great Simple Pleasure!


sarah said...

I always admire people who know how to cook..I wouldn't even know what to do with a crockpot.

Dawn said...

thank you! i needed this reminder to get my crockpot out! it really does add a little simplicity to the day!