Thursday, August 7, 2008

World's Longest Yard Sale head is so full of things that I want to share with you and don't know where to start. Breathe Cindy...Breathe.

Since I am a list maker by nature, I have been making list after list of all kinds of things. If you could see all the little post it notes I have all over my little file. (Note to self- take stock in post it notes) as well as magazines tagged with "things to do". No wonder my list keeps growing. From getting myself better organized to small little projects that I want to do. Not to mention a list of pictures I want/need to make to post so you all can see what all I have been up to this summer.

My summer has been pretty full so far, but I have really had fun. As you can see from some of my past post, I LOVE yard sales so today I thought I would share with you what my mom is doing....(wish I was with her) she and a bunch of girlfriends left out (my home state is Kentucky) for the Largest Yard Sale. Yes, a yard sale-rs dream come true. It spans 4 days (Aug 7- Aug 10), 5 states (Ohio, Ky, Tn, Ga, AL.) and 654 miles long. Can you say fun, fun, fun? Not to mention all the little treasures they will find. If you want to read more about the Largest Yard Sale, you can here.

A few days ago I posted goodies that I have gotten at yard sales,I will have to post a few other finds soon. Although Antiques are also a favorite. Actually Michael and I may be heading up to Lancaster Pa this weekend for a little R&R and some antiquing. A weekend away from home, with my honey and doing what I love to do, sounds like a perfect weekend.

Gotta scoot for now!

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Elise said...

Ooh, I wish I could be there!! We actually have a big, long yard sale down here too, but I haven't actually gotten to go. Maybe next year...