Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy little bee!

Hi Ladies, I wanted to post before another week was gone and I hadn't. I know you must get tire of hearing me apologize but for whatever reason, I can't get here to post. Although I do get around to visit now that I am using my Google Reader. It cuts down about have the time. Just wish I could post a comment from there. Google guys could you work on that for me?

...This has been a good week, but a real busy week for me. I have been playing chauffeur for Tori this week, as Derek came to pick up her car on Sunday night. Appears his power steering went out on his car so it is in the shop and so I get to take her back and forth to/from cheer practice and all that that implies. I really don't mind but it has just meant extra time on the road.

Yesterday after I got off work, I ran to the salon and got my hair highlighted and cut. Today I feel like a new woman. Why do we always do for ourselves last? Granted I know one reason I don't go and get my hair done anymore than I do, is time and money. I have a hard time sitting still that long, :) and it continues to go up in price. Will be glad when Tori can do mine. She is in her second year of Cosmo classes (through her high school) and she now works in the clinic at the school. So she already does hair colors and cuts, but haven't let her do mine yet.....Hmmmmmmmmm, guess I will have to let her. She loves it.

There is so much going on at this time of year. And I am loving it. Michael and I have had really productive weekends this past month, and not really sure what all we will accomplish this weekend, but hope to get out a little bit on Saturday morning for some yard sales/antiquing/junking....something. I have done pretty good this week staying up on all my house work, so shouldn't have to spend loads of time with that.

Some things left on our to do list is:

  1. Hang cabinet in bathroom
  2. Clear out some hotspots (almost done with this)
  3. Season my old *new* cast iron skillets (bought at a auction)
  4. Work on my Holiday Grand Plan journal. (in the third week of the grand plan, trying to stay on task)
  5. Finish fall decorating (have several crates missing, gotta find)
  6. Start dismantling Wesley's room to move to basement, and transform his room to new guest room and office.

Now remember these are just some of the jobs we still have to do...We'll get there.

Hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed Thursday!



Judy said...

Cindy, it's always a treat to find a new post from you! I love reading all that you are always up too, & have to go lay down for awhile after I read here. :-) You are 'so' busy, but I have a feeling you thrive on that. You are so accomplished, & seem to be organized.

I need to get my hair trimmed too. So does Emily - I'm going to keep her hair in a 'Suri' bob cut...she looks so cute that way.

Have a wonderful evening. Hugs!

Jacquelynne said...

How great that you will soon have your own personal hair stylist- just like a Hollywood star!

Tammy said...

Hey sweetie! Just popping in to see how you are before I head off to bed. Having a tough time keeping my eyes open tonight. Have a great weekend sweetie. Love ya! xo

Joy said...

You are a very busy lady! I hope your weekend is enjoyable and productive too! It's always nice to find a treasure and cross a few things off the to do list.