Monday, September 8, 2008

Where has the time gone?

(Sorry no pictures this post, I have to download them from the camera)

Boy, time has gotten away from me again. So much has been going on, I don't know where to start. Let start with the fish pond. :) Those pictures were of the fishpond at Michael's folks house. We flew out to Houston during Labor Day and we had a great trip but it was terribly emotional. His mom is so weak, she has to have oxygen all the time now, and also one of her girls comes over ever day to drain the fluid off her lungs. She has lost all her hair so they have to treat her scalp too. It was hard seeing her that way. Also, she sat Michael and I both down and told us she wanted us to go out and spent a certain amount of money on something that we wouldn't normally by for ourselves. She wants that to be our Christmas present from her because she knows she will not be here for the holidays. While we were there, she went through all her jewelry and started dispersing it. I have never experienced anything quite like that before, and it made me uncomfortable, but I know Betty wants her things to go to the people she wants to have it. So she was happy that she got to enjoy seeing people receive her jewelry. So as you can see it was a emotional trip, and it was hard to leave because we felt like it was probably the last time we would see her. She is on large doses of morphine and she has a hard time staying awake. It was just sad.

Let's see, Tori has started her senior year. They had their first football game on Friday night. We lost, but it was great seeing her cheer. Again, it was sad when I realized that this was going to be the last year I would be going to watch her. I do love watching her.

The last several weeks we have been busy trying to get on a schedule in place. We are doing pretty good I guess. Seems like everyone has different schedules. I haven't seen much of my boys because of their working schedules but hoping as fall gets into full swing, I will see more of them. Usually they are here on Sunday's for football and we have a great day together.

Speaking of fall, I did get my harvest decorations out this weekend. I think the time has come to get rid of some of my stuff. I don't need all the stuff I have. I only put about half of it out. I am really limited to space these days. Michael and I have been doing alot of auctions lately. I will have to share some of my finds. As most of you know, when Tori graduates from high school Michael and I plan to move away from here, and one of our goals is to take some wonderful antiques with us. We both love them. And they are much more reasonable here than in most places in the country. Not to mention, plentiful.

.....well I need to scoot, got to do a couple of things and then get myself ready for bed. Hope you have a wonderful week.


Psalm 143:10“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”

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Home Decorations said...

Time really flies so fast.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh my! How terribly sad! My heart is breaking for y'all because I lost my Mama only 8 months ago, and she was suffering so badly that her death was a relief. How HARD it is to watch a loved one suffer! I sure hope that she is not suffering like my poor Mama did! She had to fight for every breath! She also gave away her jewelry, and some other stuff before she passed. Now my Daddy is terminal with lung cancer and doctors say he has less than a year. It's hard, but I can accept him leaving and going to Heaven with Mama. I just pray that he doesn't have to suffer like she did. I don't know if I can go through that again. :(
Sorry to go into that, but wanted you to know that there are some of us that know exactly what you are going through. Hang in there.