Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The time has come

for me to go back to work...starting tomorrow I will be back in the rat race.  Starting a new job and a little anxious about it.  I have really enjoyed my time at home over the last several weeks awaiting all the paperwork to be completed.  During this time off I have gotten alot accomplished at home.    We finally had a realtor come to the house on Sunday and we should have the house on the market by the end of the week.   Woo Hoo! 

Today will be full of running errands and taking care of a few last minute things.  Got to try to get myself back on my schedule of going to bed early and getting up early.  UGH!  I have really liked staying up late and getting up a bit later. 

DSC02241 Gonna grab some lunch with my best  bud, Donna.  We have such a good time together. And we don't get the opportunity to "do" lunch when I am working so going to take this opportunity before our schedules change again to do just that.

Wanted to share a few pictures that were made at Tori's graduation cookout.  Better late than never huh?

DSC02253 Tori and I

DSC02254 Me and my girl

DSC02258 Michael,Tori, and Me

DSC02280 Derek, Tori, and Wesley

DSC02308 Don, Tori, and Stepmom Colleen

DSC02348 Me, Tori and Don

DSC02352 Tori's cake and cap

Well now I need to scoot..hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Hugs to all!



Denise said...

Hi Cindy, hope you enjoy your time before work, and praying it all goes well for you when you start. Love the pics of you all.

Elise said...

Wow, did we know that you were selling your home?? I hope that it sells quickly for y'all. It looks so cute!!
Hope work goes well, also. Work is a four letter word in my book...yuck!!

Susan said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for sharing the pics! I am glad you got to enjoy a break before going back to work. Are you off on Friday? We are and we have a family wedding that day.
I am trying to do better with my blog too. Changed the theme this week. Have a great week. Hugs

Sue said...

I'm sad you have to go back to work again Cindy. I hope it goes well at this new placement and/or God opens another door for you to stay home!

Great pics of the grad party! Wow... your kiddos are "all grown up" - hard to believe!

Have a great week Sweetie!