Friday, June 19, 2009

Let the weekend begin

well here it is Friday and the start of another weekend.  I love weekends.  This week has been filled with a little of this and that, but didn't get nearly all done that I wanted to do.  Two days this week I suffered from horrible headaches and it really slowed me down.  Hoping that I can make up for some lost time over the weekend. 

I did a little shopping  this morning.  All because I needed to go to wal-mart. I've had a little running list and had to pick up a few things, most importantly a rod and some curtains for my sliding glass doors.  Granted I am not thrilled with what I got, but think I can make it work.  Light bulbMichael plans to build me a box to put over my door, and I am going to insert a tension rod with some curtains that I can pull to the side during the days.  He doesn't want to put holes in the walls for rods since he just incased them all with molding.  So it has left me with a bit of a dilemma of how to "dress them".  Hopefully my plan will work.

Whilst I was out and about, I stopped by the local goodwill storewhite-cake-plates and found me some goodies.  I found me a set of 4 little white plates ($3.00) that will be adorable with ribbons weaved through them.  Kinda like these.  I am looking for some cake stands like these too.  (Photo images from Layla Grayce) The thrill of a hunt. WinkLet's see what else lemon-fresh-inspirationdid I pick up.  I got bunches of decorative lemons that I added to my glass jar. But when I was looking for some inspiration I found this great shot and didn't realize you could do so much with lemons.   (Photo image from No Fuss Fabulous) Wow is there some neat things at this site. 

After a quick stop in the GW store, I ran to Marshall's.  I found the greatest little Chick thing bookread there.  What I have read so far is fabulous.  I think it is one of those books I will want to have a few of to pass out to friends.  It's called

" nesting it's a Chick Thing"

.  Can't wait to read it tips, hints, and stories.  As I was searching for this book on Chick thing book1Amazon, I noticed they have another one that I am definitely going to put on my "wish list".  It's a Chick Thing: Celebrating the Wild Side of Women's Friendship.  Looks like some good reading.

Guess I need to scoot, hubby just got home and now this little chick is going to get him to take her to dinner. 

Hope everyone has a awesome "Father's Day Weekend".



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