Sunday, December 6, 2009

Visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads

Christmas has come to my kitchen….it dances with candy canes, gumdrops, and gingerbread men…….and it just cozy to me. 

20091205_125Just a few of the vignettes that I have throughout my kitchen….this isn’t a great picture, but I put my little four foot tree in a antique red wooden bucket.  My garland on this tree is a hard candy garland, and I have accented the tree with little gingerbread men, and little kitchen goodies.  Although it isn’t very visible it is sprinkled with multi colored lights and it is placed next to my sink. 


How cute is this next picture….my mom loved this while she was here.  It was so simple and you probably have everything you need to do it.  Note my tray, it is a yard sale find from this summer, a old cabinet door panel or something that they placed handles on.  Grabbed it for a whopping $1.  Don’t let anyone say I am NOT a big spender.  ( I digress) Anyway, added tons of color by adding a candy garland, candy canes, and glass balls into 20091205_91different style and types of clear jars.  Love them…and with my brown jar lamp shining on them it puts off the perfect effect.  I added my little gingerbread house that I have had for many years…would love to have a bigger one….guess I will be on the lookout during yard sale season for that.  Aren’t my little cinnamon candles the cutest thing you ever saw”?  Not to mention “Sprinkles” my bear.  Silly bear has batter on him…


This is what I look at when I clean my kitchen and do the dishes.  It makes washing up the kitchen not a bad thing.  I just tied some simple gingham/plaid fabric that I ripped to make pretty bows for my glass canisters.  So simple, but oh so country looking. 

Did you see my little prim tree with the gingerbread goodies on it with the rag bows.  It is placed in a ANTIQUE Maxwell house coffee can.   See you can use anything you already have to put together.

Next, we have my stove area,   20091205_123I just have my bread board sitting on top with my dough tray filled with greens and cranberry  garland.  I have tucked some of my gingerbread men in the greens and added another antique green handled small hand sifter.  I think it looks sweet.  I decided to add my little Cookie Cutter sign that I bought from Gooseberry patch years ago.   Tied a ripped and ragged bow to my antique white pitcher.  One of my favorite pieces.  Last but not least, I added my Paula Deen candle on my little bread board. 20091205_105

Just a thought, I have found you can add a few springs to your shelves and  crocks, etc, and add a instant holiday touch.


Now for the centerpiece on my table in the kitchen.   I love old crates and have a ton of them….so I decided to fill one with greens and sprigs of snow-covered  pine,and sprigs with candy ,  accented with snowballs, and wooden candy canes.  And after everything was in the crate, I added “Ginger”, she is simply adorable with her little bow on her head.

20091205_94So now you have gotten a peek into my kitchen.  What did you think?  


Kathi said...

Very cute, Cindy. The red bucket works perfectly; great idea. Your house is so cozy. Kathi

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Cindy, I think all of your displays are adorable! I love that you use things you already have. Adding the vintage & antique pieces really make them exceptional and right up my alley!

How are the window treatments for your sliding glass doors going?

Have a great week!