Thursday, June 23, 2011

I got it

That decorating bug again.  I seem to get hit with this malady several times a year and I have it now.  I have a great urge to do some decorating but since I am not in the “place” to it, I can only dream. 

Several things I like in this photo.  Like the apple walls with white trimming  along with the stone fireplace.


Apple green walls with tangerine and lemon yellow accents add a playful contrast to the natural stone fireplace and hardwood floors. 

Would love to have these cubbies in  office. How bout you?


Custom-built egg-crate shelving covering an entire wall provides ample room to mix storage and display. A mix of magazine organizers, baskets, and boxes provides storage for periodicals, stationery, and painting and office supplies and creates a pleasing, layered mix of objects.

Then I lean this way too

More of a simpler style.  But I am lovin this.


A simple white living room is given character and depth with charming vintage pieces, including a 19th-century wooden tub that has been turned into a coffee table.


Textures and shapes are enhanced against white. Subtle but significant details such as the original paint of a vintage fireplace mantel and the bold lines of an 18th-century American cupboard get their due when displayed against a backdrop of plain white walls.

all photo’s courtesy of Country Living



Shanda said...

I wish my bookcases could stay like these. They seem to be a catch all for all the clutter. But...I press on...:)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Cubbies rule!! Would love those! Hope you get your home sweet home soon!

Lori said...

very pretty Cindy. I kind of like those apple green walls.
Have a nice week!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

. said...

I come by to visit you via one of our blogging buddies at I enjoyed browsing your blog and reading your great post.. We would like to invite you to stop by and visit us when you have a moment. Have a blessed day, and hope to see you soon.. God Bless you and yours..

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh these all look great but I especially like the bottom two pictures!!I really like a country look!

Judy said...

Hey Cindy! These photos are 'you',& I hope you have your very own place to decorate soon. Until then, decorate & make your place now, YOUR place. Years ago, even when we lived in an apartment, I made it 'me'. I know you got that decorating fever! :) Hope you have a blessed Frday. Hugs!

Kathi said...

They are all such fun and cozy rooms. I sorta like the green with lemon and peach accents best. Kathi

Debbie said...

In my HEAD, this is what my house looks like. It doesn't actually look like this, but I wish it did. I love that bookshelf picture. Awesome.

I'm also going to follow you anew. I get your name on my homepage, but it never shows a new post unless I go through a couple of hoops. Don't know why so I'm just going to UNfollow the old and REFOLLOW this new.

arrielle_p said...

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