Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday thinking



w_010here is this year going?  It’s hard to believe we are into June now.  Time is just flying by

and thealarm clock weather is wonderful.  It was so cold and wet for so long that I am truly enjoying the sunny and hot days.

This past weekend is a blur, there was a flurry of activity but at the same time I can’t tell you anything that was really accomplished.  Just steady busyness.   I did hit some yard sales on Saturday morning, that might be a first for me this year.  I’m way behind on them, but as I shared with hubby, since I am not living in my own home, and don’t know what kind of home I will have in the future, I am a bit “bored” with them.  Did I say that? I hope not to loud, because I A

yard saleyard sales, but I am reminded again, that half the fun in them is the HUNT.  I love when I am hunting for things that I can use to decorate our home.  I hate paying retail anymore. Since my home at the moment, is small and a 2 bedroom apt. at that, I don’t have any real need to hunt for anything.  Except maybe something that I already have that might be stored away somewhere in the 896 boxes we have stored.  No I don’t know how many we have stored, but it’s a lot.  B

Yesterday was busy catching up on some things around the house.  On Monday nights hubby and my oldest son play softball for our church league. And since we can’t eat before we go, I decided to  prepared our dinner before I left so that  it was ready to eat when we got home.  When we got home and sat down to eat, it dawned on me how much better things run when we prepare ourselves.  In the past, we would have just came home and  try to find something to eat  or picked something up.  It reminded me of how when my children were small I planned our meals so that we could eat a meal even if it was a easy one, with little effort we could eat a balanced meal.  Those years have fallen by the way side since the children are all grown and gone from home but last nights meal  gave me the motivation to make that effort again for just hubby and I.  I still struggle with the empty nest at times and have difficulty trying to find what works best for just us, but I’m hopeful it will get easier as time goes on. 

I’m late getting this posted today as I have spent the day with my daughter and didn’t have time  before now.  I always love spending time with her. 

Now off to get a few things done before bedtime. 

Psalm 90:2,4“Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.”

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Sue said...

Time is flying Cindy, and I will tell you a little secret, I was even thinking about Christmas the other day. ~lol~
I can relate to fudging on cooking(though I preserve a lot of veggies) having an empty nest, but am working on getting better, thanks for the encouragement.
How blessed to have your daughter and son nearby to enjoy special times together.
Enjoy your day.

Karen said...

How lovely that you got to spend time with your daughter! You're right, it's challenging to plan meals for just the 2 of you, but just like when your kids were home, it's worth it. My hubby always appreciates a home-cooked meal. Once in a while we have popcorn for supper, tho. :o)
Thanks for your visit, Cindy. blessings, k