Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Feature

Welcome back! Another cold day in January, but I'm so grateful for the sunny skies we had today, instead of the dreary blah gray sky, not to mention we didn't get the dicey mix of precipitation that they had predicted. So needless to say even though it was cold, I was happy that it could have been much worse. I know I must bore you all to tears with my weather/snow gratitude stories, but you don't know how grateful I am each morning I look out my window and don't see the "s" word out the window. I think it is beautiful to look at, but with the distance I travel back and forth to work, I don't like driving in it. So each morning it is a praise to God for me.

Did you all know that on the 14th of January was National Desk Day? Well I didn't know that until I was scrolling the internet the other day and it was brought to my attention. Had I known that I would have spent the day cleaning my desk off and getting organized. Actually I did get my desk organized and cleaned off, but it was about a week later. I think that is what I did on MLK day while I had the day off, between working on my new blog layout. Speaking of blog, I am giving some thought to some different things where my blog is concerned. I am in the process of putting together a couple of new blogs with dedication to homemaking and another one to cooking and recipes, etc. I have wanted to do this for quite some time, but wasn't quite sure how I would go about it, but with this method of blogging I think it will turn out to be the best alternative instead of doing everything in HTML . Mainly because of the time involved with HTML. I plan to keep this blog for my everyday blog where I still share my day with you and my favorite places and sites, but I have so many different places I would love to share with you and feature or highlight.

Occasionally I want to highlight a worthy site to you. The first "Featured Site" is Proverbs 31 Ministries. If your like me, I could spend endless hours engrossing myself in the wonderful pages on the internet. Usually in the mornings after I've read my daily bible reading I will sift through some of the sites for something uplifting and encouraging as well as challenging. Today I ran across a wonderful devotion called "Becoming a Patient Woman" . Can't we all use that? I know that is something that I don't pray to often for, because we know when we pray for it, seems like our patience is tried more times than not. Under my Inspirational/Motivational (in the left hand column), there is some unbelievable and great sites there.with some worthwhile reading. These women inspire and motivate me to be the best Cindy I can be. Helping me to become the woman God is calling me to be. If you have a moment check out some of them.

I know I mentioned pictures of Tori's cheer competition, but she off loaded them from her camera and I can't find where she off loaded them too. DUH! So hopefully soon I can share a few little snap shots of her at her last competition. Since the win last weekend, they will be going to regionals in February.

Before I leave, I have a prayer request. When you are doing your prayers could you please remember Michael's mom, Betty Sue in prayer. On Monday we got word that she has pancreatic cancer, but she went back to the doctor today and was told that she has a tumor the size of a tennis ball attached to a blood vessel, very close to her spleen and stomach. They aren't sure yet if it is operable or not. It if is, it could carry a high risk. So I just ask that you remember her in prayer. Thanks!


Denise said...

Hi Cindy, I love the new look of your blog, and all those great links, I'll be here all night surfing them ;-) I do like Prov 31 website and wish I had all day to surf that. I need to allow myself a set time each day then I wouldn't worry about being on here too much!
Hope you're having a great week. I do love to see the snow too but wouldn't want to drive in it, so I hope it stays clear for you.
Big Hugs

Sue said...

Hey Cindy! It's so "springy" in here... warms my heart to come visit :-) I totally agree with you where the "s" word is concerned. We leave tomorrow for Nashville and I'm a little anxious about driving in winter that far.

When I get a chance I wanna come "sit in your space" and check out those sites. You have been a busy girl!!

Have a great rest of your week!! Drive safely!!

Hugs xo

Pam said...

oh, I loved this post too. :) I'm so anxious to see your new blogs when you get them going. It's such a great way to share! Check into Live Writer (link on my blog) for is absolutely great! and makes posting to multiple blogs, or even just one, a breeze...and no uploading photos or graphics like you have to do in the Blogger writer just insert them from your own computer. Will post later...I got very disappointing news for my first eye pressures check this morning. :( Oh well. I still need to see what he says at 3:00pm. sending warm hugs, pam