Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a day/morning

this has been already. It all started this morning when Michael brought me into work because today I am having my eye procedure again.(Please say a prayer) So he has to drive me home. Anyway, after dropping me off, he was hearing knocking noise in the car so he ended up sitting on the side of a busy roadway awaiting AAA to pick him up. Yeppers, so he is taking care of car troubles this morning and then picking me up around lunch for my appt. Is this a sign? He finally got the car over to a rental car establishment and got a rental car for me to drive the rest of the week, but we are going to have to come down and pick up the car and tow it to closer to home, and have a mechanic check it out. I pray it isn't anything major just a gasket or something. (Could you add that to your prayer list too?)

Makes me wish I could just be at home and take a hot shower/bath and cozy up and read. Speaking of bathing/showering, I found a product a few months back that I absolutely love. Have you tried this? Johnson and Johnson, Melt away Stress. If you haven't, try it. Smells wonderful and it is so smooth going on. I got it as a trial in something, and loved it so much that I use it daily.

Some Blog Fun

Reading: To many books to mention, but the fiction novel at the moment is " A Sister's Secret" by Wanda Brunstetter

Craving: Sweets and chocolate (lots )

Wearing: Navy slacks with a white shirt and slip on sandals

Mood: Content

Weather: Cool this morning, but promises to be another hot day

Flowers: Anything colorful and fragnant

Cooking: Spaghetti tonight for dinner.

Thinking: About my upcoming surgery today, and wishing I wasn't here today

Plans for the day: Work, eye surgery and just relaxing.

Well need to scoot. Hope you all have a blessed day!



Tammy said...

Hi Cindy. I didn't know you were having surgery again today. I hope everything goes well for you. I also pray your car troubles end up being something minor. Sometimes when the oil gets too low it will make the knocking noise. Maybe it's something that simple. Anyway, take care and let me know how your surgery goes. Big hugs!

Sue said...

Hey Cindy!

Hope all went well today with your surgery. It's almost 2pm here so I figured you were probably out but I prayed nonetheless ;-) Also prayed for the car stuff!

I'll continue to pray for quick healing after your surgery!

Hugs xo