Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Strolling the shops

Hello everybody, Finally taken a minute to drop a little note here. I hope this finds all you wonderful ladies having fun this summer and getting alot accomplished. This has been a busy summer for me and I am getting many things done. Not sure how, but I am.

This week my kids are at the beach with there father, so I have some time on my hands to sit and day dream. I have been scouring my fall magazines for decorting tips and ideas. The past two weekends Michael and I have been out yard saling and antique shopping. I have sit probably 10 or so antique shops in the last two weekends. It has been alot of fun. Guess that is kinda my little vacation this year. :) Here are a few I visited.

I hope to get started on some of my little painting projects this weekend. I have been gathering several things in the house that I want to paint black and distress. I also have bought the far so good. Now just finding the time to do it. I plan to take some before and after shots to share with you.

This past Sunday was spent thinning through my main floor. I went through each drawer and tossed/sorted. I dusted each shelf, and cleaned all the glass, even my antique glassware, I soaked in vinegar water to get them to shine. I was on a mission. I also moved gads of things around and made it more appealing to the eye. So as you can see, I have been busy.

On Saturday when I was out we stopped by a couple of yard sales. I grabbed a wonderful antique chair that I got for $2. It needed nothing I tell you. I also got a dough bowl for .50 cents. It was a wonderful little find. Later in the day, while shopping the stores, I found two things that I just love. One is a gizmo that is used in spinning yarn. I will have to take a picture to show you, and the other is a childs vinetage christmas sleigh. So my weekend was a success.

Pictures to come soon! :)


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Elise said...

Wow, you got some great deals!! Lovin' that dough bowl...