Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time Marches On....

Sitting here thinking about how time is flying by. Can't believe it's been as long as it has since I last posted. Not enough hours in the day. Please don't ask me why because quite honestly I am to tired to think. Seems like lately I just go through the motions? Do you ever do that? I feel like I am on autopilot. I do what I have to, and then everything else, just goes by the way side.

A real quick update on Betty. She is finally out of the hospital, but they sent her home with oxygen. But that is helping her feel better. She is still tired and sleeping alot but overall is feeling much better than she was. Not sure yet, if they will be able to resume her chemo this week or not. All Michael's children were there over this past weekend, and they helped out there grand dad get caught up on some things around there. Ron's primary focus is taking care of Betty's needs and so other things are let go. So I know they appreciated the extra help this weekend. Please keep Betty's health in your prayers and Ron as well.

Lately, life has consisted mostly of work, and on my weekend's off running errands. Over this past weekend I spent Saturday running around with my list and getting things and doing some shopping for me. I can't remember the last time I did that by myself. It is a rarity and it was nice. I also spent some time in a Antique Mall looking around. Found a little cabinet I fell in love with, and much to my surprise Michael went and got it for me yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised. Anyhow, I brought it in the house and we put it in my bedroom. I am using it as bookshelf for now. If I think about it I will take some pictures of it. (Speaking of, I took some several weekends ago, and Michael finally offloaded them from the camera) I took some shots of some of the goodies I have bought while out on my antique and yard sale excursions.

While on Sunday, Michael had several things to do with redoing his new office. He has been looking for furniture to replace what is in there. He finally decided on some antiques instead of typical office furniture. So we hit the stores again on Sunday. He has decided he wants to furnish this office in things that he would like to put in our home office someday. Anyway, while I was scouring th e shops with him I walked away with a few small trinkets but nothing big. I did find a "boiler" that had been painted. Fell in love with it, so grabbed it.

When I have a few minutes at home I am reading...started the third book in the "Sisters of Holmes County" called "A Sister's Hope", by Wanda Brunstetter. I have enjoyed this little series. Once I am finished with it, I have another Beverly Lewis series I am going to read. "The SummerHill Secrets" Volume 1. Looking forward to her new book coming out in the fall. Whoopee!

As you can tell, nothing exciting going on with me. Same old stuff, just another day. I think one reason I haven't posted to much is there just hasn't been anything exciting to share with you. I will try to do better. I mainly just read and lurk right now.

Need to scoot, I hope you all have a blessed day.


Elizabeth said...

Hello Cindy, wow you sure sound busy. Congratulations on your antique purchases, it's one of my hobbies too & it's always special to find a treasure. I hope you have some time to take it easy this summer, big hugs

Danna said...

Hi Cindy, I have been trying to read myself. I finished a book last week. The first one in a long time. HUGS

Sue said...

Hey Busy Lady!

Thanks for stopping by for Lemonade ;-) at my blog. Good to see you!

Hope you've had a great weekend and were able to rest some.

Have a wonderful week!

Hugs xo

Julie said...

Hi Cindy,
I found you via Sue's so I hope you don't mind if I add you to my reads. Wow, your blog is really interesting with lots to look at, I will be back tonight when I get some more time to have a good browse.

I wouldn't worry that you think posts are ot that interesting...we all just live ordinary every day lives, but it's still fun and interesting to share, so blog away.

Hope you have an awesome week.
Warm hugs and God bless, Julie.

Pam said...

Hi you...I just wanted to come by and say hello. :) I'm just giggling at the picture of the exhausted lady in the chair. ;) Been thinking of you and hoping that your days are lovely. xoxo