Saturday, October 11, 2008

Aren't long weekends wonderful?

I am so happy to have this long weekend.  My Saturday was spent running around and having some fun.  My day started with running some unwanted yard  items ( old wicker chair and settee, trash cans, and misc things) to our city park.  Twice a year the city brings in trash trucks and dumpsters to the park to make getting rid of old, tired, worn, broken things easier for us instead of having to carry it all to the landfill.  We didn't have any little things this year, mainly bigger items so it didn't take us long.  So off we headed to rid ourselves of the unwanted baggage.

Then we were off to do some yard saling.  And yard saling we did.  We also traipsed through the craft fair at ColorFest.  We finally got back home around 2:30 and my body was aching from all the walking. So I took a little nap and headed out again, only to get back home with bags of goodies all over the place and no energy to put them away.  So that leads me to what I am going to be doing the rest of the weekend.

Now for my do-list for the next two days-
  • Clean my kitchen (completely) wash down my cabinets and counters, clean out fridge, run dishwasher, possibly rearrange my countertops.
  • Put goodies (from saturday away)find a home for all my little treasures
  • Spend some time reading - Picked up some reading material last weekend and again this weekend.  One book for pleasure and one for a bible study.
  • Complete some computer work- upload some pictures to the web, create a new banner for the holidays, to be used at a later time.  Work on organizing some of my computer files, etc.
  • Bake- some pumpkin bread and possible make something using some of my apples.
  • Cook- I am craving for some home cooking, I get tired of eating quick type meals. Hopefully I will have plenty of leftovers to carry to work this week.
  • Get to the antique mall (I always like to check it out several times a month)
  • Craft projects- I have several projects that I need to complete.  Get out the black spray paint. 
I am sure there is more, but most likely will not get all these accomplished.  But I hope I get most of them done.  What a awesome feeling it would be to go back to work with all that behind me. What are you working on this weekend?

Have a blessed Sunday!

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No Ordinary Me said...

I hope you all you would like accomplished!! Have a good Monday!