Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Autumn in the Living Room

Well today I think we are going to take a little stroll into my living here goes....

This is my centerpiec on my living room table.  It has changed a bit since this picture was taken...but the tray and the black candle stick I piced up at yard sales, and the floral arrangement I made several years ago.  The candlestick when I got it was a green color that didn't really go with anything in my house.  So I spray painted it black and love the outcome.  I have a big orange bow on it now.  It is so pretty.
Just about everything in this picture came from a yard sale, auction or antique store.  The three stools that are in this picture came from auctions, and the antique doll cradle I picked up in a antique store for 15.00 and the little table and chairs that the bears are sitting at, I got at a yard sale for you guessed it...1.00.  Don't think you can really tell,but my bears have on there halloween customes.  This is just a fraction of my teddy bears.  I love them, but I don't have them all out because I am busting at the seams in this house.  The big table in front of the banister, was Michael's grandmothers, and I love it.  It houses our wedding invition and some willow tree ornaments. 
See my candy corn ornies?  I think they are simply adorable.
Just a small glimpse of my basket of fall blooms.  Looks like my scarecrow is turn around backwards.  :) oops, guess I should fix that.

Wonder what we will show back to find out....


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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Very nice! I am a bear collector too, but mostly antique and mohair bears, but I have some Boyds too.

I LOVE those little benches! Everything looks great!

Have a great weekend!