Friday, October 10, 2008

Putting on my walking shoes

Hi Ladies, I am trying out a new method of posting my content so that I can schedule it ahead of time. Not sure if this is going to work or not. Hopefully it will, because at the moment I can't get Blogger to schedule a future post. Can you say upsetting? Anyway, I am going to be happy if this works. Thought I would share with you my plans for the upcoming weekend. 

The weather here is suppose to be unbelievable for the middle of October. It was near 80 yesterday and the sun was shining so pretty outside. We headed  to DD's football to watch her cheer. I haven't had the opportunity to see her to much this year, so was looking forward to it. The stadium was packed because the weather was so nice and they are had a fireworks show afterwards.

This weekend is the 45th annual colorfest in Thurmont, Md.(woohoo) We go every year. It is so much fun. It will be a day full of yard saling and shopping crafts. You can tell from the picture that this is no small event. It just goes on and on. All the roads leading to Thurmont from my house, set up yard sales. So it is bumper to bumper yard sales all the way to Colorfest. So usually we start out in the morning and don't get to the actual craft area until later in the day. Of course, one of the best things about the event is the food. Can you say tons of junk food. All the things that you love to eat.

This has been a very long week for me, as I am still trying to adjust to my new work schedule so that makes this upcoming three day weekend all the more exciting to me. I can't wait. Hopefully I will find some treasures to share with you when I get back from ColorFest.

Happy Saturday!

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