Thursday, July 2, 2009

She comes today

the realtor that is.  She is suppose to be here around 2 or 2:30 today so I have a ton of stuff I should be doing.  We had her by on Sunday and she gave us all the preliminaries and so now that that stuff is out of the way, she will be coming by today to take someLongandFoster prelim- pictures and measurements of the rooms.  It's finally feeling real.  She will have a professional photographer come by next week to make the pictures that will go on the website.  I'm very excited but have to be honest and say that nerves are starting to kick in.  We still have a few things left to do that Michael will work on over the fourth and while I am away in Branson for my dad's surprise birthday gathering. 

My boys will be over tonight after work to help Michael move more boxes to storage from the basement.  That was her only suggestion for us with the house, is continue to empty out that space. (She said we could continue to work on it while the house was on the market) We have been using it as a storage area since starting all the renovations and we just want to show it as usable/livable space.  BTW, it is a great space, but during all this process you have to have a dumping ground so to speak.  So for the last several months, that is what it has been.  Although it is pretty organized now, it still has LOTS of boxes down there. I still want to mop the floors today and get my suitcase packed.  I'm leaving early tomorrow morning on a jet plane to Nashville to meet up with my sister and nephew Caleb. Then we will drive from there to Branson.  I am looking forward to this getaway, just wish Michael was going.  We always have such a great time when we travel. 

As I mentioned the other day in my last post, I was suppose to start work on Wednesday...well that didn't happen.  Still more paperwork hopefully when I get back I will be able to get back into the groove.

Well other than house and work  stuff there isn't alot else going on.  But guess I should to grab a shower, find a book to take on my trip and pack up my suitcase and get that out of the way before she arrives.  If you think about it, please keep us in prayer over this house, and me for safe travels.  Thanks!

Not sure I will get back to this before the big holiday weekend, so if not...4th of July


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carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

So your house is up for sale? I am so far behind. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible and you make a great sale!

P.S. My blog name has changed, but if you pay me a visit, I hope you will remember me and add me to your blog list again.