Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You asked for it

So thought I should deliver.  As most of you already know my hubby and I have been remodeling in our home over the last little bit.  Seems like forever, and even though we aren't completely done with the decluttering in the garage and basement, the two main floors are completely finished.  We put the house on the market a few weeks ago and have had several showings.  But this weekend, is our first and I hope only OPEN HOUSE! 

Although the house has been redone top to bottom, and looks great, in alot of ways it doesn't feel like home.  All my little country touches are boxed away, as well as all my kids belongings.  They have been moved out of the house.  It makes me a little sad that my stuff isn't out, but I have to remember that this house is someone else's future home and no longer mine.  I know whenever I get to unpack those boxes and see my goodies again, it will be like Christmas .  So if you want to take a look at what we have done please feel free to visit our webpage at www.407taney.com and you can take a little tour.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think....




Denise said...

well I don't know what the 'before' pics looked like but all I can say for the 'after' is WOW! You have done an amazing job Cindy, your home looks beautiful. I can understand feeling sad because you have your personal stuff packed away, but that is a very wise thing to do when selling your home. I looked at those pictures and felt like it could be 'my home', it's all so cozy and clean, and I didn't feel like I was wandering around someone else's home and like I shouldn't be there. I can't imagine that it would take long to sell. Praying things go well for you sweetie.
Oh and I LOVE your back yard too, the purple clematis is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing. Makes me wanna go clean up my messy house now ;-)

Elise said...

I love your home!! I'd buy it, too. :)

Susan said...

Wow Cindy your house is so nice. I bet you are sad to leave this part of your life behind and start a new life. You and Michael are ready for that next phase. I am sure you will love decorating your new home. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cindy, your house is lovely & I love the way you decorated it. I hope you sell it fast, I remember photos of your house years ago when you had just bought it. I hope you sell it fast, it's really a great house. Hugs

Sue said...

I'd buy it Cindy!! I loved the tour and you did such a great job fixing everything up (not that I saw it before mind you). I do hope it sells in God's perfect timing for you & that all your plans fall into place quickly! You have been so faithful in trusting God through this whole thing!

Big hugs xo

Angie said...

I really like the background to your blog. I have an apron with that same pattern on it.

Lori said...

Your house is gorgeous!! I would love to have a home like that. Good luck!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Cindy!
I love your house!!! Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous, you have done a fabulous job with it. I hope it sells quickly for you guys.

Have a nice, relaxing weekend...you deserve it!
love you

Kat said...

HI Cindy I love your house it's beautiful. Are you buying a bigger home or smaller one? moving or what? Have a nice weekend.

HisPrincess said...

Hi Cindy,

I've popped over from Chatty Kelly's blog and I've enjoyed reading your posts!

Your house is fabulous. Praying that it sells quickly for you.

Blessing from down under!