Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Racing but not getting anywhere


Have you ever done this?  Seems lately I am doing more of this than  normal for even me.  My mind is racing and running through all kinds of scenarios, and I seem to not be getting anything accomplished. I hate that.  This is foreign to me.

I’m starting to get back into blogging a bit, but really need my blog to take a new direction, and not sure how to do it, or where to start!  HELP!!!!  Seems the older I get, my interest and style changes, so I am left with the dilemma of where to go now.  Stick with things I know, or the unknown and make it a journey to a new place. Of course, I am speaking in regards to my home.  I love my home and it has been a sanctuary for me all my life, but my home as I have known it is no more. 

As most of you know we are in the selling market of our home, so much of my things are in storage, and I feel as though I am living in a shell of a house.  It’s hard to get motivated and energetic about decorating a house that you can’t hang drapes because you don’t want to put nails in the freshly painted walls, you can’t hang pictures for the same reason, and you have illuminated all furniture in the house that isn’t a necessity, all to make the house look bigger. So of course there is no extra places to display vignettes.  So what’s a girl suppose to do.  Since that is a scenario most of my knick-knacks have been stored away. And I miss them.

Which brings me to another dilemma, most of my little treasures have a “country’ rustic theme to theme, although I have been playing around with a more refined themes.  Most of me is wanting to steer away from the “all country” primitive theme which I have loved for so long, and move into a more vintage and refined decorating style.  Have any of you come across this problem with your styles?  If so, how and what did you do about it?

I’m literally at a crossroads it seems and not sure how to proceed.  If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate your insight and help.  Thanks!

Hugs to all and I hope you have a blessed Wednesday!


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James 1:2-3“[Trials and Temptations] Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.”

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The Nester said...

I hear you girl, my post tomorrow is one LONG run on sentence about my constant desire to change my style.

My advice, only surround yourself with things you love. What a great time in your life to get to rid your home of things you've kept around just because?