Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Need to get moving

but for some reason I am glued to my computer this morning.  I know I should be doing something productive, but I keep hopping from one blog to the next.  So much inspiration out there.  From projects to try, to filling my soul with God’s word.  Theseidea journal women are simply amazing. 

But I do have my handy dandy schedule out for today, and time for blog reading isn’t on it.  Note to self:  Change that immediately!  But I am going to pry myself away for a bit so that I can get a few things knocked off my to do list and then come back later.

I have my little “Idea” book out too.  This is a little binder that I have that I keep lot’s of… well, ideas in.  Hence the name.  Aren’t I clever?  This binder has books I want to read, idea pageproject I want to try, personal goals I have, my gratitude list, and inspirational and motivational sayings, etc.  I also keep a home inspiration folder that is filled with pictures from magazines and books that I want to remember.  Such as the one to the left.

A few people over time have mentioned my organization and list….YES….I couldn’t live without them.  It’s what keeps me on task and helps me get things done in a given day, otherwise my mind would just jump from on thing to another.  Plus I like the gratification of checking things off my list.  But I am a firm believer that if you struggle with staying on task, this is a great way to go.  One thing I have done for years, is keep a pencil and paper beside my bed to jot down the next days duties.  That way I can unload those things from my mind before I drift off to dreamland.

Due to working full time, I fell behind on keeping up with my list and such so I am trying to get everything back in order.  I really could have used my schedules while I was working, but I was so tired I didn’t have the mental ability to do it, my mind stay mush most of the time.  NOT GOOD! 

Well ladies, I could go on about this forever, because I LOVE being organized.  But I really do need to scoot and start my day.  I will be back!

Have a blessed Tuesday!

Cin Sig


Denise said...

I get glued to the computer every morning too! I'm still on it :-0
Have a great day, hope you get some stuff on your list checked off ;)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm guilty sometimes too, but theres so much information, ideas and craft tuturials to keep us busy till the end of time! lol

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I'm afraid that I also lose lots of time to the computer as well!

Judy said...

Hey Cindy! Isn't it the truth! So many inspiring websites out there! I wish I could devote hours each day to blog hopping. Some are incredible. Makes my attempt at blogging pitiful. :-( You go girl, with those lists! :-) Love you Cindy!

Darylynn said...

Hi Cindy! I'm a big believer in lists. I think they help when you get overwhelmed with things-to-do. It's good to have a way to prioritize and then check things off- that alwasy feels good! Otherwise you get quagmired. (((Hugz)))