Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Monday

PG-AGLphone but it’s a busy one here.  I’ve been on the phone this morning ALL morning, taking care of business.  :)  Can you believe that I have been paying for a web service for over several years(at least 3 or more) and wasn’t using it.  I called and got that taken care of this morning.  No more payments to them.  Woo Hoo.  I can’t believe how I sat on the fence for so long with that.  But each time I tried in the past to cancel it, it was more work than it was worth the 13.00 a month I was paying.  But at some time you realize that it just keeps adding up.  So I had to put a STOP to it.  One thing down…

Then I had to contact the real estate agency….we are getting ready to put our house on the market and we have decided to try a different realtor than the one we used last year.  So we have a appt. for the realtor to come to the house on Wednesday evening for a walk through and get the ball rolling with that.  With the market the way it is, who knows if we will sell it….but hoping that we get a buyer so we can move on with our future plans.

PG-AGLcooking Today is the perfect day to do some cleaning, although I don’t have alot that has to be done, but thinking that I might spend a good deal of time in my kitchen today.  Maybe I will give it a good spring clean.  Work on dinner plans for tonight and maybe do some baking.  All that said, that is IF I can get motivated.  I do have some work I need to do on the computer, so might do that instead.  :) 

HappyEaster_1I have to tell you all I won….I won a Easter Blessing giveaway that my friend Sue is  hosting from her wonderful site Country Pleasures.   I couldn’t believe it when she contacted me.  I am beyond thrilled.  :) Thanks Sue!  Now I have something to look forward too coming in the mail.



summer houseDid you have a good weekend?  We sure did, the weather here was absolutely beautiful with temps in the high 60’s to mid 70’s. I got the weeds out of my flower beds  and now you can see what is actually starting to come up.  I can’t wait for flowers to start poking through the ground.  It’s still a bit to early here to pot any plants for outdoors for fear of frost….but as soon as the weather man gives me the okay my porches and deck will be laden with assorted color. This photo was taken several years ago and I love the screen door, however, we have since replaced the door with a door that has a big oval window in, so the screen door has gone bye bye.  But I love screen doors, they are a favorite memory of mine as a child.  I love hearing them slam shut! 

Well the guy for my roof is here, so need to scoot.  Hope you have a blessed and fun-filled Monday!



Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love your screen door and porch! Warming back up here now so I hope to get out and do some weeding too!

Judy said...

Hi Cindy! Glad you are enjoying some Spring weather, & making good use of it. You are a 'go getter' girl - I love reading about all the things going on in your life. Love the pic of your screen door. Isn't it funny how that's a memory in so many childhoods? I too remember ours & the slamming shut. Love you Cindy! Have a creative, blessed week.

~Pam~ said...

Hi Cindy, Wow hun, you have so much going on! Love the pic of your screen door! Your blog is so cute, I love it here. I hope to keep up with my blogging this time around.
love you xoxo