Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Sunday

Good Morning!

Happy Sunday

Woke up this morning and I’m sitting here and sipping my coffee.  Looking out the window at the beautiful blue sky and feeling blessed for this wonderful pretty day.  Temps are pleasant outside, not that bone freezing cold temps we have been having.  Looking forward to spring and seeing the blooms appearing after this harsh cold winter, and listening to the birds singing again.  I love the promise that Spring gives. 


Last night we had a great night out.  Our church had a friendship banquet and such a wonderful time out spent with our church family.  Lots of great food and played some games.   Yesterday I also had the opportunity to meet up with some girl friends from high school, It is such a great time when we get together.   We went to visit a classmate that is in the hospital after a terrible scare with blood clots in the heart.  By all the doctors indications we are blessed he is still with us.  God has really been answering our prayers for him. After the visit, us girls ventured over the the local Mexican restaurant and continued our visit and going down memory lane.  Catching up on each others lives.  Isn’t it awesome when we can take time out of our everyday lives and reconnect with those that we love.  So thankful for the time spent with the “girls” yesterday.

I have a lot going on this upcoming week.  Hubby and I are in the process of buying our own business, and the take over is scheduled for March 1.  So we have been busy finding a new location for the business (it’s a existing business in town) acquiring furniture and needs for the new office.  Plus I have not worked outside the home since Oct. and this week I will start back .  But only going into the office a few days this week to get acclimated to the new routine as well as help with some of the business needs before the move/transition.   (More on all this later once the move is complete)

I don’t plan to make a post on Sundays, unless it is one that I have scheduled because that is my church and family day.  However I thought I would just get online and post a little note.

I hope you have a fabulous and blessed Sunday.




1 John 3:11“[More on Love and Hatred] For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.”

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