Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just stinkin’ Thinkin’

please don't steal.  Thanks Judy!Seems I ask myself this on a daily basis anymore.  If you have been around the blog world for awhile you know how uncommitted I have been to blogging.  Life has just taken a whole different look since moving back to Kentucky.  I moved back to my hometown about 2 years ago after being gone for 30 years.  Can you say BIG ADJUSTMENT?  It has been, but it has been a great move back.  The only upsetting fact is my grown children and grandson are still in Maryland.  However God has provided me the opportunity to see them about 3 months or so since the move.  Usually my mom and I travel up there ever three months unless they are coming home.

1957 Boarding the Dog

It’s a 12 hour drive, but mom and I take our time and stop every few hours to stretch our legs and  take the much needed potty breaks. 

My dear daughter and I Skype quite frequently so I can watch my grandson Kyle (15 months)grow up.  Sometimes it is hard to see him and know that I can’t get to him, but I do love  having the option as to not.  Sometimes technology amazes me.


Kyle at 1 year.  Do they come any cuter?  He is such a joy.  I love him so much, as I do these little munchkins.

my kids

Wesley, Tori, Derek (Christmas 2013)

I am so happy with the advances in most of the technology world.  I remember about 100 years ago(okay not really 100) but thirty years ago living in Rota Spain and wishing I could call home.  One phone call for about a hour talk time would cost around $300.  Something that my parents and in-laws and us would take turns doing.  But now we have all kinds of internet options to stay in contact with family and friends that are half way around the world.  Which I am so happy for, since my youngest son is getting ready to join the Navy.  He leaves for boot camp on March 4.  He is following in his father’s footsteps.

All the technologies got me to thinking…..which technology or app via it be for the computer, phone, etc. can you not see yourself living without now?  Please share.



Proverbs 17:9“Whoever would foster love covers over an offense, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.”

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