Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gonna be brief

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This post is going to be short and sweet today, I didn’t make it here yesterday because I spent the day enjoying my daughter and then I was out the door last night.  So I am finally getting here today, and a beautiful morning it is.  I woke to my coffee in one hand and my bible in the other.  I am enjoying my quiet time so much.  Even before my computer is turned on, I turn on God’s word.  What a refreshing way to start my day. 

I have already gotten my floors vacuumed, dishwasher loaded,beds made, and I am sitting amongst piles of magazines that  I need to desperately sort through this morning.  Keep what I want out of them and then discard them.  Hubby will be so happy!  I have way to many magazines. 

Hubby finally got all the glue up off the basement floors for the new carpeting.  UGH what a job that was for him.  I am sure we will be sorting through more of our beloved possessions, and discarding some of them too, before the carpet layers show up next week.  We were really hoping to get it done this week so that we could get the basement back together by the weekend, but they didn’t have any openings.  So unless there is a cancelation we will have it installed next week.

Now as promised I will share a few pictures of the basement, these were made back in April and we were in the middle of decluttering, but you can see what we have been up against. (I can’t believe I am showing these pictures.)

The desk area

20100419_117One corner of the basement (stuff that still needs to be packed and moved to storage)

20100419_119Another corner of the basement (stuff that still needs to be packed and moved to storage, or gotten rid of) 

20100419_121 The basement looks nothing like this now, hubby painted the walls while I was in Kentucky back to white and the carpet is a off white Berber with a pattern.  When it is completed and everything is back in it’s place I will show you.  Now that all the kids are gone, we don’t use the basement much anymore and it has mainly been our catch all area.  But with the house on the market, we know that families will want to utilize this space so we are making it more family friendly.

Now, for a post that was suppose to be short, I have got a little long winded.  But need to scoot.

Hope you have a very blessed day,

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