Friday, February 22, 2008

Compeled to Share!

"All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me!"

Amen! Definitely with me this is the case. I have to have my coffee in order to do most anything these days. Today is a work day and because of the weather, I got the unexpected treat of being at home. So here I sit sipping my coffee and enjoying my morning, still in my jammies.

Seems like since Christmas my heart has been heavy with getting my priorities straight and working to maintain some balance in my life. I am on a quest this year to get my spiritual life as well as my home life in balance so that I can feel the constant peace and contentment that God gives so freely when we are in sync with him. God has bless me abundantly with a wonderful home, and it is high time that I take the pride in keeping it in a manner that is fitting for Him and his glory. Also, he has laid on my heart to be more hospitable to others. I love having friends in my home and making them feel special. Unfortunately over the last several years this has taken a back seat to other things, so trying to get back in the swing of that. It is a great opportunity to make special meals and share it over great conversation with friends. I know that is one of the talents that the Lord has bless me, and that is a giving nature. So what am I doing with it if I am not sharing it with others. So Michael and I are trying to incorporate this into our lives at this time. Last month we had friends over for just a simple meal, nothing elaborate but they were thrilled to be invited and continually thanked us for the hospitality.

Not sure about you, but my home is my haven. I love being here and making it inviting to my family and friends, but in saying that, I want it to be a place that shows that God lives here too. I want others to feel it when they are here. I want them to feel the spirit of God in my home. Hence I have been on a mission to get some Christian help from others. There are some awesome homemaking sites out in blogland if you are feeling compelled to have this in your life too. Check out some of the homemaking links to the left.

Have you looks at any of the e-books that are out there. I love e-books and have printed several this year. I have also joined several Christian homemaking groups to help me keep my focus. This has been helpful for me. Maybe you would want to check out some of them too? I would be glad to share some of the groups that I joined.

Check out Sheri's site for some wonderful Godly e-books.

Hands to Work and Hearts to God,

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