Monday, February 18, 2008

Racing thoughts

Good Morning Ladies, just wanted to drop in here and do a little update, before I get to far along in my day. I am sitting here in a quiet house and the weather is simply gorgeous outside. The birds are singing and it is the first real tease of Spring. Oh was a wonderful gift it was this morning to be home and get to enjoy it. Today I am feeling on top of the world. Life is busy but oh so good. Praise God. He is so good to me.

As some of you know from reading my last post (reading Wedding Plans) the wheels are in motion. Michael and I have lots to do before the big day. I have been blessed with lots of friends back home and my mothers church that said they would do whatever needs to be done so that I don't have to worry about getting everything done long distance. What a true blessing this will be.

Michael and I are heading to Houston on the 29th of February for a couple of days and then on the way back we will stop in Russellville (fly into Nashville) to make some arrangements and speak with the florist, caterer, and pastor, as well as the cake decorator. So it will be busy why I am there. I will also take along a list of things for the women at the church that intend to help my mom. I never dreamed I could be this excited or happy again about a wedding, but God is putting everything in place. So I am simply trying to enjoy the journey. At this point because of work restrictions, we most likely will not do a honeymoon at this time, but later in the summer, we may try to take a cruise or vacation. This is fine with me because our main goal is to have this wedding before his mom can no longer travel. Bless her heart. Not only does she have our wedding to attend but two grandchildren that are graduating from college and she wants to attend thier graduations during this whole time frame. We feel that as long as she has things to look forward too, this may be the best medicine for her. She is a remarkable woman.

Today is going to be full of getting my house together and ready for a new full week of activity. I spent the morning cleaning my kitchen (again) and hitting all the hotspots in the family room. The house is picked up and cleaned and so I am going to work on a few of the things I had listed for my Household Managemet book. I am going to also download something that I found online yesterday. Which is going to be the site I am going to feature this week. (excert below taken from the site)

e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. The fact that e-Sword is free is just one of the blessings and does not speak of the quality of the software. I make my living writing software and I believe I have put forth my best effort in this endeavor. The real work, however, was put in by the godly men and women who devoted countless years creating the texts that have been made available for our benefit.
In His service, Rick Meyers

So if you are interested in this download follow this link and find the download here.

Also one of thing I did accomplish this weekend was, I posted my cooking blog. It is no where near finished but you can find the link under personal sites in the left hand column. I hope you will drop by and leave me a little note.

K...ladies, as you can see, I got lots to do, so going to get at it. Thanks for all your well wishes. Hope you have a blessed day. Love you all.


Pam said...

Hi Cindy! I'm so happy you're having a good and profitable 3-day weekend, and I hope today is all you want and need it to be. So wonderful to have a day off. And your day sounds beautiful...would love your weather now! We got another six inches of snow yesterday and it just keeps getting so way below zero cold off and on. Just peeked at your cooking blog, and I love it!! Left you a note there and will be excited for your updates. And will also look so forward to your wedding updates...I'm so excited for you! :) You just have a very lovely blog, Cindy. I really enjoy it. Have a great new week! Love, pam

Sue said...

Hey Cindy! I get so excited reading your blog about your wedding plans :-) I'm so thrilled at the joy oozing out from your page!

Sounds like you had a great long weekend! I hope the rest of your week is just as wonderful!

See you again soon!!

Hugs xo
P.S. Did you get the email Doug sent for Michael?

Danna said...

You are having so much fun getting ready for your big day. It is just as fun reading about your plans. Have a great day. Hugs

Tammy said...

You sure are a busy bee. I'm glad you are enjoying planning this wedding sweetie. I'm sure it will all work out great! Hope your weather is still nice. It is COLD here :( Love ya! xo

Lori said...

Hi Cindy!! I am glad the weather was nice for you on your day off!! Yay!!
I am glad the wedding plans are coming along!! Have fun!! Have a nice week!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Cindy!
Hope your week has been going well. :)
Have a super weekend!!

Love you