Friday, February 1, 2008

Psalms 23

I'm back (my regular post is below)...I saw this adorable video and wanted to share it with you


Pam said...

oh Cindy, that was so precious. Brought tears to my eyes. LOVED your post below...I'm so so happy for sound very fulfilled. :) Thanks for always being so supportive. You are a great encourager. I have that book too, the call to prayer one...I need to get it read. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Lori said...

Hi Cindy!! That is such a cute video!!
Have a nice weekend!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

Sue said...

Oh my... how precious is she and what a great thing to see one so small hiding God's Word in her heart! May He bless her unending for her diligence already!!

Thanks for sharing that :-)

Hugs xo