Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I feel like decorating

that is what happens to me at this time of the year.  Once all the Christmas is put away and things are sparse, I like to rearrange and move things around.  Sometimes I do, and other times I just pick up my magazines and cuddle up under a  blanket with something to drink and let my mind daydream.  And when I daydream, it always cost MONEY.  Recently while I was daydreaming I was online and I found all sorts of kitchens that inspire me.  (I think Michael would love anything that I could get to inspire me to cook...because lately that isn't something I have done alot of.  Oh I digress.)Anyhow, I wanted to show you these rooms and if I could steal little things from each of them, I would be working on MY perfect kitchen.  Get your walking shoes on....here we go....

 I love the colors of this kitchen, the white cabinets with a mixture of soft brown wood tones. Plus I think the antique pulls add a great finishing touch to these cabinets. 

In this kitchen I love the rock oven/stove area as well as the soft wood tones. I love that table/bar.  Aren't the windows great too?  Can't you imagine looking out of them onto a wooded lot full of nature.  A small piece of heaven.
 I really like the cabinetry in these, the cabinets are made to look like furniture and the open cabinets for showing off all my bowl collections, and pottery. Plus I like LOVE  the wood ceiling beams.  Such character they add.
What about this island?  Too die for.
I like all the cubbies in this island.  It would put things right at your fingertips.  Love those wide drawers for pots and pan and lids!  That plate rack is a dream too.
I just love all the clean sleek storage in this picture.  Maybe shelving like this in a walkin pantry.  *eyes twinkling
Ok...another white with wood. Something about this combination gets to me.  
So what did you think about my little kitchen tour.  Did you have a favorite, which one and why?
Hope your enjoyed yourself.  Have a Wonderful Wednesday


Linda said...

Just give me a kitchen as BIG as some of those and just see what I do with it! LOL That was fun!

Kathi said...

I loved this tour of beautiful kitchens. I have the same taste in decorating that you have. I love those wide drawers too. This is so fun. Have a great week, Cindy. Kathi

Tracey said...

Beautiful kitchens! Makes me want to decorate! ((BIG HUGS))