Monday, January 19, 2009

So glad that I have

another day at home. I really enjoy three day weekends. Just wish that it happened every week. I took the time on Saturday to just lounge around most of the day. Doing little things here and there, but nothing major. Actually I got out for a bit in the freezing frigid temperatures to go watch the cheer competition. I would love to tell you that they placed, but they didn't but they did awesome. Actually I felt they should have won, but apparently the last stunt they performed was illegal (it disqualified them). After that little adventure we headed off to the mall to check on my boys and see what was up with them. I mean, I was going through withdrawals, hadn't seen them all week. Plus I wanted to give Wes his birthday present since I didn't get to do it on Friday. That was the first time I hadn't seen him on his day. :( While I was still at the mall I hit one of my favorite stores to see what was on sale. Found myself 2 sweaters on sale and got to use my gift card. Thinking that I would have to put some money with it, I was surprised when she returned my card with approximately 15.00 still on it. Woo Hoo!

Yesterday, we finally got things back in order in the house since the holidays. You know, moving things back to their assigned spots (if there is such a thing). Basically I had to make about four furniture moves to get my computer back down to it original spot. So with all that movin and shakin going on, I was pretty tired last night. Calgon, take me away. We took the time to vacuum and dust things real good while we were in the process, and my body just isn't equipped like it was when I was younger. Can you say aches and pains. Well anyway, I had them last night. But I am NOT complaining because I am glad it is done.

Since I have today off I have several errands that I need to do. My car is having a few problems, so I am going to take it into the shop and pick up a rental for this week. I also plan to meet my friend and have "our Christmas". With our schedule we didn't get a chance to do it yet. I'm also thinking about hitting the antique shop and getting my hair cut. I need a new look. So that is a few things I want to do today. That is if I can stand the cold weather long enough.

Once I get back home I want to do some reading, I have to get caught up on a bible study as well as some reading for my own pleasure. I am so glad that we cooked a big pot of chili yesterday, because we will having leftovers tonight.

This week my goal is to find my Valentine goodies and start decorating the house a wee bit. Now where are those boxes? Do you have any decorating ideas for the holiday? Got any plans with the hubby?

As you can see I have lots going on today. How bout you?


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Susan said...

Hi Cindy, I also enjoy the 3 day weekend! I got as much done as I could inspite of my knee bothering me. I still have my tree up since we are enjoying it. We may get red hearts from Micaels and leave the tree up through Feb.