Sunday, January 11, 2009

My weekend has come and gone.


cm_lk_monthies_jan07fuzzle-frosty fuzzle-cleaning fuzzle-working  

sundayThe weekend is almost over, and I can't believe it.  I sure would love to have a three day weekend this weekend.  I had a wonderful list of things that I should and wanted to do this weekend, some I finished and others will have to wait until next weekend. 

Laundry-25-cents-Print-I10105457I have been doing laundry and waiting on it to finish so that it could go into the dryer.   A girl has to have her jeans for work, right?  Anyway,while I was waiting on that, decided  I would tell you what I have been doing this weekend.  I guess by now, you noticed that I have a new header for my blog.  What ya' think?  I am not sure if I will keep it, or if I will work on creating something else, but I wanted to take the Christmas header down. 

I have worked this weekend, on updating and changing some of my content on my blogs,adding some new backgrounds.  I also updated by Facebook (added some wedding pictures and honeymoon pictures,with alot more to do) and Plurk accounts.  On the right sidebar you can find a link to follow me on Twitter. I decided at the first of the year I wanted to get myself organized online and put a system in place (posting system)but still haven't come up with anything definite yet.  Those are a few things that I have done on the web. 

I also have spent time cleaning my kitchen.  It needed it from top to bottom.  I even organized my fridge.  Don't laugh!  It actually looks good but you know it will not last very long.

I spent time today reading and study my devotionals, which is what I want to spend my Sunday's for.  I really do want to reserve Sunday's for quiet time and family time.  No more working on the Sabbath.  Just as it was intended. 

Well guess I will close,  Tomorrow is Simple Woman's Daybook, so check back with me to see what's up.

Hey are you ready? americanidol



Susan said...

Hi Cindy, I love the new header. How do you do that? I am ready for American Idol. The whole family watched it. Have a great week. Hugs

Judy said...

Hi, Cindy!
its always nice to meet a fellow Kentucian ;0) and I am so ready for American Idol as its one of my favorites! it was nice meeting you and I would love to come back and visit again! Hugz