Friday, February 12, 2010

I can see clearly now

see clearly the rain snow is gone has stopped.
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.

Okay, I was on a roll there(am I dating myself here, I know you all remember that song, right?)…but the snow has stopped at least for a few days and we have dug ourselves out somewhat, at least we are mobile again.  But I want to apologize for not getting here to post this week.  It has just been a different kind of week, I am  off my schedule something awful.  Hubby has been home almost all week because of our historic and record breaking snowfall.   Not sure about you, but when my husband is home, I don’t get anything accomplished that I want too. Plus on top of all that, I was really under the weather.  So alas,I couldn’t even think of anything to  share.  I know you don’t want to hear about me blowing my nose, and how sore it is.  But, thanks to the friends that dropped me a note or left a comment, I am feeling quite a bit better. 


But since I decided several weeks ago I would like to take Friday’s and do a Weekly Roundup of some great sites/post that I visited throughout the week.  Man, there are some talented women out there is blogland.  At night after things slow down(and they do, cause I am now a empty nester)  I spend several hours just reading your blogs.  I am so fascinated by all the things you women can accomplish.  You all inspire me to get up and get busy!


My side trips this week included:

salt dough hearts Now, let me take you to Cathy’s @ Cobblestone Farm, for her adorable salt dough hearts.  With Valentine Day just around the corner, how cute these would be, but I love the fact that you can make them in different colors and they would be precious in any room all year round.  Take a peek.  She share a great recipe for these too.


One blog I just {heart} is “Beneath My Heart”, Traci hascorner hutch the best  furniture makeovers, as I was going through her site the other night  I found a great idea for a corner hutch (which by the way I  have)  and it needs a new look.  I think I found it here.  (I would like to repurpose mine to put in my craft room when I move) One of the best thing about her makeovers, is she share with you pictures along the way and explains to you how she gets the look she does.  Traci has a wonderful collection of makeovers.


I love organizing about as much as I do neat crafts and furniture  makeovers, so wanted to share a wonderful site that I ran across, looking for something.  Of which I can’t remember now, but I am sure it was important at the time.  Check out  Rachel at  the Small Notebook Blog.  Of course, when I go there, I get lost and spend waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to much time there.  I love her inspiration  for her home. 
Rachel says:

  • keep our lives simple and uncomplicated
  • nurture our relationships
  • learn practical skills such as gardening and cooking
  • make smart decisions for our money
  • enjoy peace during a hectic day


Really should get this posted so that I can start my day, hubby is going into work today, so maybe I can get back on track just in time for the weekend.  Yeah, me!

Blessed Friday everyone!

Cin Sig


Libby said...

Thank you so much for that wonderful comment on my blog :) I love how you share your favorite blog finds with others :) So glad you are feeling better too. It snowed our way yesterday and today..not as much as what the rest of the U.S. has gotten, but it is a pretty site :)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I just adore those salt ornies! Way too cute!

Sue said...

Hi Cindy,
Glad you are feeling better, thanks for sharing these sites. I will visit them. I also like to visit blogs in the evening, and I see some on your side bar that I would like to visit also. But first I am going to catch up on what you are doing.Thanks for sharing.

I really like your new design, and have been wanting to change some things on mine, I guess it must be cabin fever, lol.
We are expecting snowfall tonight, but nothing like you all have been getting. So I will try and not complain.
Thanks for visiting me and for taking the time to comment. This blog I have just recently started posting on again, and am trying to feel my way through, I have always enjoyed journaling and am using it to journal my thoughts.
I am really enjoying it and hope you did too.

Susan said...

Hi Cindy, I had a nice time at your blog today. Have a nice weekendd. Hugs

Rachel said...

Thanks so much Cindy, have a wonderful weekend!

Faith Imagined said...

That is one of my favorite songs! I'll probably sing it all night now. I am off to check out the links you provided. Many blessings!