Friday, February 5, 2010

Week Roundup

Blog Most are like me and spend way to much time during the week reading everyone's blogs'.  But there are so many talented and creative women out there to learn from.  Here are a few post that I really liked this week.  Either for their creative talent with DIY’s or for their  wonderful usable tips.

moving boxesMelissa over at 320 Sycamore had some great ideas regarding to moving.   She called this her Moving System.  Great ideas and helpful tips for your next upcoming move. I will have to implement some of these if not all in my upcoming move this year.  She shows us how to keep things together so that finding “our stuff” is easier to find after the move. Great tips Melissa!


Nester shared a wonderful post about  preserving some memories.  If you missed it, check it out.  I love this idea. framed art I actually went out this week and picked up some embellishments that I would like to use with some photos and my children’s work.   If your like me I have folders full of things my children created when they were small, because I couldn’t part with them.  Now I am glad I did.  Guess now, I need to find that box of goodies, so that I can “show off” their work.

Whites22Jennifer at Balance and Bedlam had a wonderful post about DIY pedestal cake plates.  How to create your own from odd and ends pieces that you pick up.  Mismatched pieces that are lovely can still be used.   Another project for me in the near future.  Goodwill and yard sales are great places to find “unloved” pieces.


Shelley at How Does She made the cutest Dipped Oreo Cookies and there is a great tutorial-061tutorial.  Gotta definitely try this…the possibilities are endless. This was a post she did before the holidays, but could easily be done for Valentines day. The tutorial is easy peasy.

Plus she has some cute  Valentine treat ideas that she has single-heart-in-cellophanegathered from across the web. Of course, I have these bookmarked. 




LeAnne at Organize and Decorate Everything has a wonderful post on Conquering Magazine clutter.  If your like me, you have magazines and lots of them.  Hop over and see how she corrals them. magazine  She has a wonderful site with lots of  great ideas and tips on controlling clutter.

Guess I should scoot, got quite a bit to do today before the snow storm hits, but hoping I will get a chance to tackle some of my things on my “to do” list.  Might be a good weekend for working on reorganizing and crafting. 

Have a blessed Friday!

Cin Sig

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