Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still under the weather


Can you say another cold day here in Maryland? We are bracing ourselves for another snow today into tomorrow.  With snowfall accumulations between 12-18 inches.  So far the weather forecaster have been off on there numbers.  So wondering if we will get more than expected, as has been the normal. Most of us are getting tired of the snow and the shoveling, we are really looking forward to the Spring.  Come on SPRING!

itf302048 Today I am taking some time to just play on the computer and work on a few things, mainly organizing files.  Still feeling crappy with this cold.  Not sleeping well at night because I can’t breathe, seems like all I do is blow my nose. I’m am so ready to be over this.  There is things this girl wants to do.  I have a list of “to do” projects that I want to tackle.  Mainly small crafty things but I just don’t have the motivation or the energy for it. 

I haven’t really even thought much about Valentines Day, because I haven’t felt like doing anything, plus I can’t get out on the roads.  I have seen some wonderful valentine crafts to do, but thinking I most likely will not get to them this week….I guess I can make them for next year…Right?  love-valentines-day

Do you have any Valentine traditions or little special things you do for your loved ones? I  would love to hear about them.  I have found wonderful ideas (no cost) online, but now for the life of me, I can’t find them.  I know I saved it.  Guess it is the “fog” in my head that is causing them to escape me.  

Well did you notice my new banner on my site?  I created it yesterday afternoon while I was sitting around. It is okay for now, most likely will change it soon, want to do something a bit different, but  this is a bit more of what I am going for I think.  

Gonna  scoot and grab a shower, so maybe that will make me feel a bit better. Have a blessed Tuesday.

.Cin Sig


Libby said...

We're supposed to get snow over here (Louisiana) on Friday. Ha! I'll believe that when I see it...lol. I hope you start feeling better with the cold. Both my kids have colds right now and they sound just horrible :( I know what you mean about the blog changes. I am always changing my blog headers and layouts at least every few months. I just can't seem to stick with one permanent one...lol..always wanting to change them.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Hope you're feeling better -- just signed up to follow you. I've had my first cold in ages -- try "Afrin" nose spray for the clogged nose - works wonderfully so you can sleep! And, of course, chicken soup!

Sue said...

OH! Cindy!
I hope you get to feeling better soon, sending prayers as well.
I am so looking forward to warm days of spring and summer.
I like your new banner as well as your new design.