Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Weekend

Happy Monday!  What a cold and dreary day it is here today, but the weekend was wonderful weather and we got lots done around the house, which needed it.  :)  I didn't get here last week to post to my blog, it was busy with various activities going on.  Anyhow, maybe I  can get here for at least a few days this week.    This week is going to be a very busy week, as I have started back to work after being off since the first of Oct. .  OUCH!  My first day back since the surgery my knee surgery.  I did well for the most part, but had to remind myself to get up and move around so that my knee and leg didn't get painfully sore.   

I didn't sleep all that well last night, maybe because I was in a great deal of pain from being on my legs all day Saturday and Sunday, or if it was just thinking about coming back to work.  Most likely both were a contributing factor. Either way, I know when I got up this morning I didn't want too. 

Saturday I spent most the day decorating for Christmas, I know...there is always alot of controversy about rushing Thanksgiving, but that wasn't my intent.  I LOVE Thanksgiving, this year it was more about time allowances.  So I decorated most of my house on Saturday and finished up on Sunday. (Need to make some pictures so that I can post them)  Although I probably only used about 1/4 of the decorations that I own because with the house on the market, I didn't want to OVERDO it, plus most of my table surfaces are in storage so there wasn't alot of places to put things out. Anyhow it is done, and now I can focus on getting everything ready for my Thanksgiving feast.  I plan to do some things each night to get me ready so that on Thursday morning I can enjoy in family and watch some of the Macy's parade.  Plus my folks are coming up on Wednesday so it will be great to have them here and also for mom and I to get a chance to cook up some goodies.  So what is going to be on your Thanksgiving table? 
Well my autumn spice tea cup is about empty so gotta get another to you tomorrow...

Have a blessed evening,

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