Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kitchen Saga

Happy Day before Thanksgiving!!! Hopefully it isn't as dreary where you are as it is here. This is the third day in a row of rain, and it is suppose to rain again tomorrow. The temps aren't all that bad, but with the rain it makes them feel much colder than it is. Can I say I am ready for warmer weather, even before we start hearing Christmas music?

My broken refrigerator saga continues, last night we went and purchased a new refrigerator and it can't be delivered until Friday, so that means we will be having Thanksgiving without my fridge. We have coolers sitting everwhere to house our my son is bringing some more over for any leftovers that will need to be kept cold. I feel like I am living in a episode of " Little House on the Praire" But through all this disturbance I am feeling very blessed. My parents are coming in today to share the holiday with us. I am looking forward to it. Should be a good time. Who knows we may even tackle some Black Friday sales. We are brave souls or silly some may say.

Just wanted to pop on and say hi and wish all my friends and their families a Very Happy Thanksgiving. Most likely I will not be posting until next week.

Many Blessings to you all!

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carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Cindy, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgivig in spite of your fridge being broken. By now your new one should be there. I hope it is like you want.
Have a great week!