Thursday, November 5, 2009

My day has been busy

and I am just now getting a chance to get to my blog today.  As todolist1you can see, one thing I did today was updated my theme.  I have been wanting to do this for awhile now.  But while I was in the mist of updating all my files, I decided to do this now, and get it done.  Now I just need to do a couple of the others.   One thing that I really had wanted to do today was start with updates on my Christmas site, but didn’t get around to it.  Maybe tomorrow.  Although I have a feeling I will have some errands to run because we are having family in town this weekend.   I might just make a another list to work on next week and work on it then.  And take tomorrow to get everything ready for guest.  This has been one computer packed week for me.  And quite frankly I am getting tired of it.  :)

My day started out with me pickvintagetipsing up the house and putting things away.  I also needed to change the sheets on the bed and wash them.  So the bed still awaits me upstairs to be put back together.  (want to get hubby to help me flip the mattress).  After starting the laundry, I got some dusting done, and actually brought out a few more fall decorations. Took down some of the halloween goodies.  Once the housework was behind me I started working on the files on the computers.  I am almost finished with all the transferring.  WooHoo!!  

Tomorrow I have a few things to do to groceryretroget ready for the kids arrival..  The only thing that I really have to do in the house is clean their bathroom.  I also need to run out and get some groceries, and possibly get some baking done. 

So as you can see I have alot going on, but will try to get back tomorrow. So what do you think about the new look….What do you think it needs? 

Gotta scoot, it is 9:30 PM and I need to find something to eat, plus going to watch the San Antonio Spurs with the hubby. 

Hope you had a blessed night.



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Sue said...

We flipped our mattress on the weekends. I hate the new mattresses though... you can only flip end to end instead of upside down. Oh well.

I have a very important question though... dusting. What exactly is that? hee hee.

Sounds like you had a very productive day!

Hugs xo