Saturday, November 14, 2009

I gotta see this

how ‘bout you?

I just know it is going to be one of those feel good movies.  Sandra Bullock looks awesome in this movie.  Love her!  Release date is 11/20.

Now here is chick flick…gotta see this one too. 

Release date is 12/04.  I love anything that Meg Ryan is in. 

Happy Viewing,



Kristens Creations said...

Thanks for your nice compliments on my Christmas decorating! I will have much more to show you! Loved your inspiration pics below...Kristen

Libby said...

I want to see both films. I've seen the preview for the first one and just now noticed that Tim McGraw plays the husband. I have a feeling I will ball my eyes out watching that one :) As for the second one you posted, I've never heard of it but would like to see it after watching the preview. It would be interesting to see how it ends. Both Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan is are awesome actresses :)