Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Problems in the kitchen....

Tuesday already... I hope everyone is having another great day and are getting ready for Thanksgiving. I would like to say that I am, but late last night I heard my refrigerator making some wierd and unusal noises, so long story short, we decided to move everything to our basement freezer.....so guess you know what that means, I think my refrigerator is going out.....thing is it is only 5 years old...if that. Oh well, hopefully its just the compressor and a service man can fix it today, but if not....guess I am going to be shopping for a new refigerator. My folks arrive tomorrow so I need to get it squared away today if I can. It always seems to happen at the most unopportune time, but I am thankful that we can replace if we have too.

Got some last minute shopping to do for my holiday menu...and then I should be set to start my cooking tomorrow evening. Tomorrow night I will be making my desserts so that I will have those out of the way on Thursday. I'm torn about what to make....definitely a pumpkin pie, but not sure what else....Everything I want to make has pumpkin in it and hubby wants a variety....so maybe a fruit pie of some sort...possibly apple. Ummmm yummy!

Last night I spent the evening in a whirlwind...there was laundry to do for the guest beds, and a shower for me, so I had time to do my hair...it takes so long for it to dry, and all the little things to catch up when your not at home during the day. Dishes to unload, and reload, dinner to make, etc....needless to say I didn't have much free time. Getting readjusted to my schedule is going to take me some time. Oh how I hate not having that relaxing time in the AM with my coffee and my computer time. :) This morning heading into work, it rained the entire way which makes a long commute even longer. But would rather take my time and get where I am going without any problems.

First Thanksgiving Poem
If I had been a Pilgrim child
Among the fields and forests wild
Where deer and turkey used to roam,
A cabin would have been my home

With fireplace and earthen floor
And bearskins hanging at the door.
I would have gathered berries bright
For candles fragrantly alight,
And dug for clams and picked the corn
And laid the table smooth and worn.

Or hunted nuts hard-shelled and good
And helped in any way I could,
With time to laugh and play and run
When Indian children came for fun.

And on the first Thanksgiving Day
I would have met with friends to pray
And thank the Lord for all his care
In keeping us together there.

By Margaret Hillert
So what are you doing today? Do you have everything ready for Thanksgiving? Tell me about it....
Have a blessed day!



Sue said...

I feel for you with the schedule stuff. I hate not being home in the mornings, although starting at 10am helps a little.

Hope you get your fridge issues squared away quickly. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie xo

Elizabeth said...

Sorry about your refrigerator issues, I stopped by to wish you & your family a very happy Thanksgiving, hugs