Monday, May 11, 2009

A Organized Mind

Hi Ya'll! Happy Monday and I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!! It was such a pretty day, it was a bit breezy here in Maryland, but the sun was out and it was so pretty. I had the opportunity to spend some time with my kids yesterday and that is always nice. My daughter stopped over in the morning for a visit before she had to start her day and we had a nice time chatting, and then my oldest son came over and spent the day with me and he made me dinner. It was such a wonderful treat to have him make me dinner. I loved it. My second son came over after he got off from work and spent the evening with me and had dinner with us. I loved having them both there for a little while. I feel truly blessed by the young men they have grown into.
Most of the weekend was spent working in the house, so didn't get much else accomplished. But we did get alot done over the course of two days. Although one of my big goals was to get the main floor completely finished and back in order...Well the work is completely finished but it all isn't back in order, still have the living room to declutter. Guess I will have to work on that over the course of the next several days after I get off work. Boy does my house look different. When my oldest son came over yesterday I ask him what he thought and if he liked it...his reply, " Mom, you have been robbed". I started laughing because to me that was such a funny statement. Especially if you knew me and how my house normally looks. When it is all done, I will share pictures at my home blog. You see, I have LOTS of stuff in my house....but I have boxed up the most of right now, it is sparse...because I want the house to look as big as possible. But it sure did look different to him. It amazing how different a house feels without ALL the stuff...and how good it feels, there really is alot of truth to "it unclutters the mind".
For me, I find I am a better mother and wife if I have a organized Mind.I found this article ( awhile back and I think it relates well for me maybe it will for you too.

10 Tips to an Organized Mind

By Jan Hayner
By organizing your mind, you get rid of clutter that fills the brain, which causes stress and anxiety. We all have enough things in our lives that are uncontrollable that can create problems, so why not organize the things that we can control, giving us a true feeling of accomplishment and stress free living.
These 10 tips will help you to keep your mind on-track and help you organize your life:
1. Make a note.
Always carry a pocket size notebook in your purse or pocket and when you remember something that needs to be done, the very best thing to do is write it down. Check your notes daily to help make your next 'list of things to do.'
2. Keep it all in one place and create a workspace.
Always have a workspace or work center in your home. This is the heart of your work area, where you keep your notes, bills, calendar etc.
3. Keep your body healthy.
Eat healthy; get plenty of rest and lots of good exercise. This will see you through to having a good memory, staying focused and being alert. A body that is healthy, works well, is more active, concentrates better and functions on a higher level.
4. Record those 'instant' thoughts.
Mini pocket recorders are available that attach to your key chain for those fast little thoughts that run through your mind and need to be written down. Unfortunately when driving a car, working on an important document or running after kids it is not easy to stop and write a note. HOWEVER, it is easy to record your thoughts on a mini recorder and play them back later.
5. Leave a message for yourself.
Call your answering machine and leave a message for yourself. It could be things you need to take care of in your home; you may need to make an appointment, to schedule a play date for your child, clean out the gutters, or something you need to add to the grocery list. By leaving a message, it will eliminate it from your mind and you will have a note in place to remind you of it later.
6. Trust yourself.
Know that the note you have left is important and not to be ignored. Do not overlook a note or message that you have left for yourself thinking that it can be done later. It was important enough to jot it down, now do it!
7. Email reminders.
If your job is computer related or you have access to one, you can send yourself an Email or subscribe to an email, calendar or reminder service. Most of these are already 'free of charge' on your own computers.
8. Use Post-it sticky notes.
The bright, neon colors will be great to catch your eye. Need to make an urgent call first thing in the morning? Leave a Post-It Note on your telephone. Need to remind the kids to brush better, leave a note on the bathroom mirror, or keep all of your notes at your work center for fast reference.
9. Use timers for instant reminders.
Set your timer to beep a few minutes before you leave for work to start your air conditioner in the car. Set your timer for a break in your work schedule, to remind you that you need to make that important phone call or that you have 'x' number of minutes left for a particular goal to be accomplished.
10. A picture is worth a thousand words.
You may need to remind yourself what your goal is so you do not get off task. If it is organizing a closet, hang a picture of an organized closet on your closet door. If it is getting a document ready for a client, have a picture of someone smiling holding a paper. If it is making a shelf, have a picture of the finished product hanging up to remind you that all of the work is worth the effort.
For years I was pretty organized and then I went to work full time. My life changed drastically when I wasn't home all day. All the things that I had done so effortlessly, was now taking everything in me to do. I was letting things go that I had never done before. It was creating chaos' in my house, but mainly in my mind. When my house was in limbo, so was my mind. Over time, I have been trying to work myself back to a more organized state of home/and mind. Working on simplifying my life in all areas.

I worked on my "Simple Daybook" last night, so if you would like to read my entry you can hop over to visit.
"Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."
~ Albert Einstein
Keep life simple.
Hope you have a blessed Monday!

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Sue said...

Happy Mother's Day yesterday Cindy! Glad you had some time with each of the kids!

Can't wait to see pics of the house. We're thinking/praying about selling our home too but not sure what and where God has in store for us!

Have a great week! Love ya xo