Monday, May 18, 2009

Semi busy weekend

Hi ya' here we are at the start of another week.  Where does the time go?  This weekend was a wet and cold one and so I didn't get nearly as much done as I had planned.  Although I did get my plants bought for the yard on Friday night which was a big project for us. Then we went and met friends for dinner.  It was a fun and relaxing time.  But Saturday morning hubby and I  were really lazy and didn't get a early start on the yard as we had planned.  But we did get a little bit of work done outside before we had to head off to take pictures for all the proms.  It was a busy day.  (I do have some pictures of Tori in her dress, but will have to get them off my camera)

We reworked the flowerbed border in our front yard and moved some plantings  around, actually thinned out some of our flowers and moved some to different areas in the yard. Plus added some new ones for that splash of color.  But we still have 2 flats of flowers to still get in pots and in the yard. Our plan was to do that on Sunday, but it was just cold and windy and looked like rain all day.  So we worked in the house.  Which needed it.  While Michael put another coat of paint on our foyer (until he ran out of paint that is) I piddled around the house, trying to make it more cozy and warm.  My house looks so sterile, and I am just not use to THAT look.  I like it, but I know it isn't there yet, because I don't have that sense of satisfaction yet.  But I am getting there.  I am finding that the older I am getting my style and taste are changing?  Does this happen to any of you?   I still need to pick up a few new things to complete the look that I am striving for.

I also got everything on my to do list done last week in my bedroom.  Now comes the fun part...NOT, of getting the boxes and extra furniture pieces out of there and into storage. If you look around my house, you will find boxes for goodwill, storage, and toss. We really  need to focus on getting Tori's room complete and then we will be able to call in the carpet folks.  I know once the carpet is laid, the house will look so different.  I know that will be a big change. And I can't wait.  We called the man about the new doors, and we are waiting to set up a time with him to make a decision and get them ordered so we can have them installed.  Woo Hoo!   So things are slowly moving along.  I noticed this weekend, that Michael and I are both so tired.  The gusto we started out with is waning and it's hard to get the momento back when you have to start and stop all the time.  I think if he had several days off, he could probably finish up most of the stuff. what do you all think of my new header for this site?  That is a actually picture of my front door during the summer months.  I wish I had gotten some more of it when all the flowers were in full bloom...but will have to remember that for another time.  I think I am going to be working on a new look and header for my home site as well.  Hopefully soon I will work on it.
Need to scoot, I have new list to make, hope you all have a blessed Monday.


Sue said...

Ya know... I was going to comment on your new header because I really like it and then to find out it's your front door. I think I LOVE your house -lol I sooo want a house with a porch and a country/Victorian screen door!

And as for your ? about tastes changing as we age... YES! I used to be TOTAL country but I find that I'm going a little sleeker and less country clutter as I age.

Have a great week!

Debbietheothermother said...

I love your sister in the Lord....glad to met you!