Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm totally beat

And I mean that with every sense of the word.  I haven't had any computer time since Thursday afternoon, so haven't gotten to post.  I have been working like a mad woman on a mission in this house.  Thursday night when I got home from work, I started gathering and boxing miscellaneous ideas in Tori's room and worked on this most of the evening.  On Friday, Wesley came over to help his momma out.  He and I gathered all the things for goodwill into the back of his truck and headed out.  Either they are loving me or hating at Goodwill.  I don't have any idea how much "junk" I have taken there.  After dropping all that off, we swung by our local senior center.  I have a piano that I have been trying to get rid of, no one plays it here, takes lots of room, and it just too heavy to move again.  So anyway, I stopped in to see if they might be interested.  Unfortunately they didn't need it but one of the seniors there was a piano teacher and she said maybe one of her students could use one.  Also the director of the center wanted my phone number and name and said she might know of some people, within a few hours, she called me and said she wanted it.  SCORE!  So she is suppose to call on Tuesday to set up a pick up time.  WOO HOO!

Once we got back home from that little errand, Wesley and I loaded up our vehicles with all the things from Tori's room and headed to her dads.  It felt good getting that stuff out of the house.  Let me tell you.  This took the better part of the day.  By the end of the day I was famish and sore.  So Michael and I headed out to dinner and done some grocery shopping.  I wanted to pick up some things, because the kids are coming over on Monday for a BBQ. 

Yesterday morning Michael and I got out EARLY in the yard and were there all day.  I really got nothing done in the house except for washing the linens off Tori's bed, and ours.  We spent the day working on planting flower beds.  After that, we had 3 yds. of mulch delivered and we got  that all out too.  Do you know how much 3 yds of mulch is?  Let me tell you it's ALOT!  2 yards wouldn't have been enough and 3 was too much, but we decided to put the extra in our veg. garden to keep the weeds down.  So needless to say my flower beds look great.  I mowed the back yard while Michael was working on other yard work.  Finally at 8 last night we called it a night.  We ordered dinner to be delivered and then we vegged in front of the TV for a couple hours, and it was all I could do to stay awake.  So hit the hay, just to get up and start all over today. 

We have LOTS of little piddly jobs that that have to be done upstairs and we have divided those up to conquer them.  So while Michael is taking a break from inside work, by going outside...I decided to post to my blog, and update ya.  He is power washing the front of the house,porch, driveway and the one sides of our house.  He has already done the back when he redid the deck.  Anyway, we want the front to look nice before the guys bring in my doors.  My new front door and slider is going to be installed on Thursday and I can hardly wait.  We also plan to call the carpet guys either tomorrow or Tuesday, and get that oredered and installed.  So as you can see there hasn't been alot of time for the weary here.  Just pushing forward.  I can see the light!!!

Gotta scoot...really do have things I should be doing...feeling guilty sitting here when I know he is hard at work. 


Elise said...

Wow...I'm kinda tired just reading about all you did!! Now, I feel lazy!! Though, I did take a huge, heavy, and ugly desk to Goodwill earlier. Thank the Lord that thing is out of my dining room!!

Sue said...

I am beginning a big pile to take to Goodwill myself. Our house decluttering/preparing to sell mode has been pushed back as we look for a car to replace Doug's Mazda soon.

Have a rest tonight and take tomorrow off from house stuff and just enjoy!! Hugs xo

Honeycombs said...

Well Cindy, you must be shattered, I am just in the reading, I thought my life was a busy one - you got some energy girl. Only thing is now I feel I've gotta go and de clutter I've got so much junk lying around. Go put your feet up now and relax. Hugs x

Susan said...

You sure have been busy! Me too but I am sure you pass me up. Take care. Hugs

Jill said...

Hi Cindy,
Just stoppin' in to say HELLO. Lovely blog you have, I really enjoyed my visit with you.

We have been really busy around our home, too. Doing this, that and the other can really keep one from the computer.

Thanks for following At Home in the Country...I look forward to visiting you more as well!

At Home in the Country
in Hickory Hollow

Lori said...

Hi Cindy!! It is good you have gotten so many things done!! Yay!! I cleaned out Josh's closet last week and it was so good to get that done. He hates trying on the clothes though.
I bet your house looks great with the new door and carpet coming too!! How exciting!! Have a nice weekend!! ((BIG HUGS))!!