Thursday, May 14, 2009

More to do...

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How ya'll doin? Can you believe that this month is half way over? I'm not sure where the time is going but it is moving, I think the older we get the faster time travels. Before long, instead of getting ahead, I am going to be falling way behind. So glad Michael got the yard work done last night, because the rain set in this morning. It rained all the way into work on me. Word has it, it isn't suppose to rain all day. We will see. Right now the clouds look grab and drab. Poo! But that makes it a good day to work in the house..huh? So back to my list.

Last night I finally got my main floor cleaned completely up with the exception of a few boxes that we need to move to the garage for storage. They are just to heavy for me to lift alone...but other than that..I finally feel like I can breathe again. I hate when my house is in a state of chaos'. My plans for today are to start on my room upstairs. I have a antique cabinet in there that has all my collection of books (that I want to keep), so I need to box all them up. So we can remove the cabinet from the room. I also have a chest at the foot of my bed that houses bunches of my handbags, so I need to box them up as well. Need to get that chest out of my room. I'm trying to create space as well as have things out of the way for the carpet layers. Basically my room is going to get a good clean.

I think Michael is going to start painting in the foyer. We have a tall foyer (20 ft.) so he is going to freshen that up with a coat a paint and bring it on up the stairs into the hall area. After that...ALL the painting will be done in the house. Woo Hoo! So guess that means we will both be busy tonight.
I am hoping that I can get that done tonight since tomorrow night there are some things I want to, and don't want to feel the pressure of not completing my goals for the week. I have my weekend list started too.

"The 7 Habits of Very Organized People" by Maria Gracia

"Have you ever wondered how some people could be so very organized, when you're struggling on a daily basis just to get your home looking halfway presentable and to get at least a few items checked off of your To Do list?
Most organized people follow a few simple rules. Here are the 7 habits of very organized people.

1. They have a place for everything. Every item they have has a consistent, assigned home. The home for books is on the book shelf. The home for toys is in the toy room on the toy shelves. The home for blank greeting cards is in the greeting card organizer in the office.
2. They put things back. Whenever an item has been removed from its assigned home, it is used for whatever reason and then immediately returned to its home when no longer in use. There are no temporary holding places. It's just put back where it belongs, right away.
3. They write things down. Organized people make lists and notes, and keep these in one consistent place such as a planner, notebook or calendar. They don't try to remember things in their heads. They let the pen and paper (or the computer) work for them. They reference their lists and notes on a daily basis. Many use the Get Organized Now! Easy Organizer as a tool:
4. They don't allow papers to pile up. Papers to file are filed each day, not left to grow into mountains. Mail is opened over the recycle container so papers not needed don't even have a chance to multiply. Kids permission slips are signed right away and sent back to school with the kids. Bills are tucked into a bill paying system until bill paying day, and paid bill statements are filed away that day. Magazines are read within a week or two and then recycled or donated.
5. They don't procrastinate. When something has to be done, organized people schedule time to do it and then they keep that scheduled appointment. They know that the more they delay, the more likely deadlines will be missed or opportunities will pass.
6. They set goals and assign deadlines. They know if they want to get things done, they need to know exactly what they want the end result to be and by what date. They review these goals often and set aside time each day to work on achieving them. They review what they've accomplished and never forget to reap the rewards.
7. They only keep what they use and/or they enjoy. They can't stand anything taking up space that doesn't have a useful or pleasurable purpose in their lives. They're big believers in simplicity. They breathe easier knowing they've lightened their loads and can move easily without having to climb over boxes and piles of clutter.
Do you have any organizational tips that help you stay on track? Let me know.

Wrapping this up so I can get started....
Blessings to you all!

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