Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The yard is calling....

Hi ya'll! Today is yard day!  Yeppers!  The yard has to be mown again before the rains come again tomorrow.  One good thing about doing it today is maybe we will not have to do it again this weekend...but depending on the rain, we just might.  Seems like the lawn has been getting cut twice a week.  Michael and I are both particular about the lawn.  I just think it sets the tone of the home at first glance.  If you have a yard that is unkept and overgrown, then you can't help speculate at what the inside must look like.  Or is that just me?  If a yard is well manicured then usually the inside of the house has been taken care of too.   The weather is in the 70's here today so that makes it nice weather to do it. 

This weekend I hope to get to get out and get some annuals for a splash of color for the yard.  All my perennials are doing great and look wonderful.  But I haven't had the time or opportunity to get anything for my flower pots. 

Well, need to get outside and get at it....
Sending hugs!

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Sue said...

You are one busy little beaver. Wanna come spruce up my yard/garden too while you're in the mood? ;-)

Have a great evening Sweetie! xo