Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Disorganized Life Syndrome?

I'm back! Bet you didn't even miss me huh? Last night, I worked on my living room. Woo Hoo! Glad I can see the floor in there now. Before, you couldn't move in there. Hubby did a awesome job on the new floors. Love them!!! The room is put back together, but I have little trinkets filling up my dining room table until I find a new home for them. We still need to hang some blinds in there, but that isn't a major deal. Other than that, I think it is done.

We also had a bunch of boxes that need to go to our storage unit sitting in the middle of the floor, and we moved those to the garage as a holding station until we have enough stuff to warrant another trip over there. We also had several bags and boxes for goodwill. I am thrilled that we moved them out of the living room, so now I have a little more space to move now. When my house is unorganized I feel terrible, and now I know why...I have DLS! Do you?

Awhile back I found this article at Refining Life!

Do You Have DLS: Disorganized Life Syndrome?

By Jan Hayner


Symptoms: messy tendencies, packrat feelings, mental confusion, lack of order, constantly losing things, loss of control, depression, high anxiety, feelings of hopelessness and a massive feeling of the world closing in on you. (Boy can I relate to these symptoms)

Sound like you? Almost all of us go through this several times a year - especially around spring and fall cleaning times.

What is the remedy?

1. Make a list of your problem areas
2. List why they bother you
3. Decide what you are going to do about it and at what level are you going to be happy with the outcome?

The first two items are easy to do, but what about the third item on your list?

That is the one that gives us the most problems in completing the task. We become so over-whelmed that we give up.

For some reason we always tend to think that if things aren't done like Martha Stewart, it isn't good enough. This can lead to projects being in a constant stage of organization – never quite done to what we think is expected. We need to lose those expectations we’ve buried ourselves under. Our goal at that point to should be to get it under control and keep it there. Take things down to the simplest form and decide how you will organize it so that you are happy with the outcome for this particular time in your life.

This same theory can be used in every project that you do whether it is at home, in the office or any recreational hobbies you may have.

Always remember that once you have something organized to the point of satisfaction for you, it will relieve the stress and anxiety and make life brighter and easier to cope with. Not to mention a lot easier to keep up and to re-organize later!

Do you have DSL? If so, I hope this remedy will help you too!



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