Friday, May 15, 2009


Hi ya friends, Hope this finds you all having a great Friday. Mine has been so far. I am so excited that the weekend is upon us though. I had great plans for my yard this weekend, but looks like our weather has changed and we are suppose to get lots of rain. So hoping between rain storms I can get a few flowers in the ground.
Last night I worked in my room and boxed up all the books I had on my shelf. I also packed up some knickknacks that I had out that could go into storage. I have quite a bit more in there to back. I ran out of boxes so didn't get everything boxed that I wanted/needed to. But will continue to work on that throughout the weekend.
Michael also got our foyer painted. He thinks it needs another coat so he might give it another once over sometime this weekend. We have several little piddly jobs that we are going to try to finish up. Seems like all of our chores have been big projects and I think he and I need some time to just take care of some of the little things and start sorting our boxes for storage/goodwill/toss.

I think tonight is going to be a busy night as we have several activities going on, several groups of friends want us to do things, we just have to chose what we are going to do.It'll be nice to get out for awhile. And tomorrow my daughter has her prom, so I have to make sure we get to her dad's to get pictures, so I can post some for you.

Not sure if I will be around this weekend...but hopefully I will have some pictures soon to show you of my daughter and all the hard work we have been doing around our house.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend.


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